Award for Inclusion

Markas wins the ALC Special Award for Inclusion

19.11.2021 - Austria

On Thursday 18 November, Markas, was awarded Lower Austria's Leading Companies Special Award for Inclusion. This prize is awarded annually since 2017 for outstanding entrepreneurial achievements in integrating people with disabilities into working life.

For some time now, Markas has been trying intensively to stand up  for the inclusion of people with disabilities. In this context, Markas actively recruits employees who face obstacles on the traditional labour market and offers them a workplace that is adapted to their individual needs.
Award for Inclusion - the prize

Equal opportunities and team spirit as a means to success

"Equal opportunities and solidarity have always been particularly important to us at Markas. We see diversity as a strength and examples from other sectors confirm that teams with a diverse workforce are more successful and more productive.

Therefore, we wanted to think further: How can we reach people who have poor prospects when it comes to labor opportunities, but are motivated and able to fully develop their own strengths in a suitable working environment and be valuable team members?
" said Gerlinde Tröstl, Managing Director at Markas Austria, who launched the initiative, during the award ceremony that took place at "Aula der Wissenschaften" ("Auditorium of Sciences") in Vienna.   


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A win-win situation for everyone

For the implementation and further development of the project, Markas has appointed an inclusion officer who continuously exchanges information with various institutions and acts as a central point of contact for employees with disabilities and their managers. With her support and partnerships with several specialized organizations, Markas has already succeeded in hiring 16 employees with disabilities in Lower Austria since the beginning of the year.

According to Gerlinde Tröstl, this is a win-win situation for everyone: "Our company benefits from highly motivated employees with great potential, who, in return, are able to lead a self-determined life and develop personally and professionally. The fact that such initiatives are supported by organizations is an important advantage for companies". Over the next few years, Markas plans to fill around 90 jobs with people with disabilities.