A sustainable business with a 360-degree perspective

Sustainability first and foremost means taking care of the future.

We are therefore committed to promoting the sustainable development of our company, not only from an environmental, but also from an economic and social point of view. We make choices that emphasise long-term development in order to ensure the soundness of our family business and create value for all our stakeholders.

Our green sustainability consists of concrete actions aimed at constantly improving our environmental efficiency: from the use of ecological cleaning products certified to European standards to the campaign to reduce food waste, from the reduction of the environmental impact of our services to the attention to animal welfare in all our supply chains.

Sustainability in numbers


Certified cleaning products

Markas has tested and successfully introduced a series of cleaning products, certified at European level, for some of our contracts for professional cleaning services.

Sustainable business green tree

Our Eco Clean service

Through the creation of our Eco Clean service, an environmentally friendly cleaning solution, Markas has been given the EU Ecolabel registration for indoor cleaning services. Our EU Ecolabel certified service can be carried out in commercial buildings (e.g. offices, hotels), institutional buildings (e.g. schools, universities, public administration) and public areas of healthcare institutions and hospitals (low-risk areas such as corridors, waiting rooms and rest rooms).

Markas' Eco Clean service focuses on the environmental impact and it is characterized by its high quality standards. In particular, the service comprises the use of EU Ecolabel chemical products (detergents and cleansers), EU Ecolabel cleaning accessories and supplies, energy-efficient washing machines, waste management programs, as well as low-emission vehicles and bicycles for our staff. It is also distinguished for raising environmental awareness by providing the right training.

Find out more about the certification EU Ecolabel

We care about animal welfare

We always stay true to our commitment to support animal welfare, ensuring quality and respect throughout the supply chain. Respecting our ecosystems means contributing to a sustainable growth and guaranteeing our clients a safe and sustainable future. 

That's why, in 2017, we set ourselves an important and ambitious goal: a progressive reduction in the number of eggs supplied from battery cages with the aim to switch to 100% cage-free eggs by 2024. 

In 2021, three years ahead of schedule, we managed to achieve this ambitious objective.