Compliance Management

Certification for compliance management

26.02.2020 - Austria

In January of 2020 Markas Austria received a certificate for the management system after ISO 19600.

This certification contains the creation of a compliance management system and a code of conduct, both to ensure that all employees abide the existing rules, guidelines and norms. Within this certification we nominated two compliance officers, who remain available for all employees as confidential contact persons.

The term compliance means a regulation for all laws, guidelines and ethic or moral principles. Furthermore the creation of organizational frameworks to ensure company-specific guidelines is another important part of compliance management. Compliance means an unmistakable, binding set of rules that affect all employees.

What does compliance mean for Markas?

Ethical behavior becomes more and more important in the commercial environment. In 2011 our corporate values became part of our mission statement: Markas is reliable, committed and fair. Now we took the next step and have our principles confirmed with the certificate for compliance management.” tells Gerlinde Tröstl, managing director of Markas Austria.

Our compliance system contains of precautionary measures, i.e. our code of conduct, where all employees can find defined rules of conduct. This contains our corporate values and “rules of the game” that guide our daily interaction. Otherwise it defines how processes in the company are evaluated and infringements of the guidelines are sanctioned.