Cooperation with the Austrian Women's Shelters

Ways out of the violence: cooperation with the Austrian women’s shelters

19.03.2020 - Austria

Sometimes in life things don’t go as planned. Especially violence against women within their families is a very present topic.

Alone in 2019 there were 34 women murdered in Austria. The Austrian women’s shelters are an important first safe haven for women and their children.

As a company that cares about its social responsibility, Markas cooperates with the institutions of the Austrian women’s shelters – together we want to support the residents and offer them job vacancies in our company. Over ten women, who live(d) at the shelter in St. Pölten, now work for Markas.

It is our concern to be there for all of our employees. The quality of our service hinges mostly on our staff, therefore we see them as our most important resource. Central aspects of our employee satisfaction are professional and personal training possibilities and the security of a lasting workplace. Those factors are attractive for applicants as well.
Cooperation with the Austrian Women's Shelters

Our measures to support

For the last couple of weeks we worked on a cooperation together with the Austrian women’s shelters to help their residents to find a job at Markas in a fast and unbureaucratic way. We are coordinating joint actions to pass on vacancies to the employees of the shelters, and to recruit applicants directly as well.

We are happy to support women on their way to more independency through this cooperation. A personal income, regular working hours and honest appreciation for their work can contribute to a selfdetermined life.

Of course it is also in our minds to increase awareness of the work of the women’s shelters, to help affected employees to find the much needed help. Therefore we will place information material in all of our larger objects in Lower Austria – the other states will follow soon and in accordance with the regional women’s shelters.