EMAS Award

Markas wins the EMAS Award

17.12.2020 - Italy

Markas has always been committed to promoting sustainability. Through a series of concrete actions and a collective organizational culture we continually aim at minimizing our environmental impact.

This year, winning the EMAS award for the 'Most Effective Environmental Statement' among large organizations in Italy is a recognition of our efforts and our long-term dedication.  

This prestigious prize, awarded annually by the Institute for Environmental Protection and Research under the vigilance of the Ministry for the Environment, confirms Markas commitment to sustainability, to our staff and to our clients. 
EMAS Award for Sustainability
What does EMAS stand for?

EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme), is a voluntary environmental management scheme (European Regulation 1221/2009) that analyzes and evaluates the environmental impact of businesses. Both, private and public companies, can participate on a voluntary basis and are called to present their three-year sustainability statement.

This scheme certifies the transparency and the successful completion of actual projects as well as the feasibility of medium-term goals.
In the framework of our 2020-2022 environmental statement, winner of the EMAS award 2020, there are several targets to be reached: reducing our offices' energy consumption by 5%, reducing the amount of water wastage across all our assigned contracts by 5%, using more environmentally friendly products across our Food, Clean and Housekeeping services, using less disposable paper and plastic, as well as implementing a collective approach aimed at improving our environmental impact. 
EMAS Award 2020
The journey that led to winning the EMAS Award

Markas has been the first company in its sector to develop a custom-made system, called CFP Systematic Approach, that enables the calculation and optimization of CO2 emissions produced. In this way, we can constantly monitor and improve our environmental performance.In addition, thanks to Markas System, an innovative cleaning system, we reduce our water and detergent consumption by up to 95%. Also, in order to ensure the safety of our staff and our planet, more than 30% of our chemical products and 50% of our disposable cleaning products are Eco-label products.

When it comes to our Food and catering services, we offer comprehensive educational programs in order to raise awareness about nutrition and sustainability. Part of these programs was our fruitful collaboration with the Free University of Bolzano in the framework of the initiative 'Mensa Green', a project that aimed at finding ways to reduce the use of disposable plastic. Environmental sustainability is certainly a key part of our Agenda 2030. That's why we will continue working towards our commitment for a more sustainable planet.