Markas develops an innovative, environmentally friendly disinfection service

The environmentally friendly disinfection service of Markas

10.06.2020 - Austria - Italy - Germany - Romania

Turning back to everyday life step by step and in the fullest of health: This is the motto of the so-called “Phase 2”, which has been launched in Italy a few weeks ago. After the dramatic events and the two-month lockdown caused by the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, people shall gradually return to their regular everyday lives. Of course, following the strict observance of the prescribed protective measures to avoid a potential relapse. 

“The Covid-19 emergency situation has hit our country in a flash. Especially the hospitals in Lombardy and Veneto were affected right from the beginning. Then the virus spread to the rest of the country and led to an unprecedented reorganization of the Italian medical service,” says Christoph Kasslatter, CEO of Markas. “I can’t express enough my pride and gratitude for the work done by all of our employees. From the very first moment, they have fought at the front line together with doctors, nurses and the caring staff. This includes not only our cleaning staff, but also all our employees operating in the distribution of meals and patient transportation within the health facilities. With a unique common goal: ensure the safety and health of people. A responsibility that they are still fulfilling tirelessly and with great dedication.”

But it is not only private persons who are longing for normality again: companies are also doing their best to resume their activities. One condition certainly comes first: guarantee a healthy and hygienically safe environment for employees and customers.
A disinfection service characterized by innovation

A disinfection service characterized by innovation

In order to guarantee this premise and to provide the best possible support to the numerous businesses during their reopening, Markas has developed a new disinfection service for indoor and outdoor areas, which was recently reported by GSA one of the most important Italian trade magazines for the cleaning and disinfection industry. This environmentally friendly service is based on the application of hydrogen peroxide and combines more than 30 years of experience with the latest innovation trends of the industry. Not only hospitals and nursing homes can benefit from this expertise but also hotels, universities and schools, companies and even supermarkets.

Guaranteeing an environment without any risk of infection or contamination has never been this important before for people and their surroundings. There are of course various solutions which permit to achieve such a successful level of safety. Among these, the application of hydrogen peroxide: a highly effective disinfectant that the Ministry of Health considers as one of the most effective products for the disinfection of environments. It destroys most pathogenic microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and bacterial spores and is 99.99% biodegradable and non-bioaccumulative. These are aspects that play a particularly important role for us in promoting the sustainability of our services.

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