Food Talk on fake news and fermentation: the second stop of the project “Catering, quality and region”

18.10.2019 - Italy

What do we talk about when we are talking about food?
On Wednesday the 16th of October the campus of Bolzano hosted the second important event of the project called ”Catering, quality and region”: a Food Talk with Markas’ General Director Evelyn Kirchmaier-Kasslatter as moderator. The event was a discussion with leading experts in the respective sectors: prof. Lucio Lucchin, Head of Dietetic and clinic Nutrition of the Südtiroler Sanitätsbetrieb - Azienda Sanitaria dell'Alto Adige and prof. Marco Gobbetti, Professor of the faculty of Science and Technologies at the Free University of Bolzano and one of the main Italian experts in Food Microbiology. 

Nutrition and health among dietary myths and fake news on one side, fermentation technique and innovation of the tradition on the other: these are the two nutrition-related themes that characterized the Food Talk that took place yesterday. 
Lucio Lucchin
Here are a few words of prof. Lucio Lucchin about his speech: “Nutrition is a human primary need that can’t be neglected. Nowadays people understand the importance of the duo health-nutrition and crave for information, but dealing with the level of fake information requires an always increasing level of knowledge. Among the Italians, almost 9,000 are victims of fake news and about 15 million search for health and nutrition-related information on the internet. Around the thematic of the nutrition circulate approximately 400 billion dollars per year, explaining why there is so much interest around the subject”. 
Marco Gobbetti
Prof. Marco Gobbetti presented a speech on the topic of the fermentation: “Historically the fermentation was born as an accidental event. Humans were then able to use it to diversify the productions and increase the nutritional properties of the foods, making this process become a cultural patrimony. In South Tyrol there are several products that are obtained through the fermentation, for example speck, beer, cheeses, sauerkraut and different types of bread. All of them present better characteristics compared to the other products. Moreover, on the sustainability point of view the fermentation represents one of the most powerful method to recycle the surplus of the food sector keeping the costs and the footprint at a low level”

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