Gluten-free food services

Living with food allergies: special dietary needs and gluten-free food services

17.05.2021 - Italy

We all love food but what is it like to have food allergies, intolerances or celiac disease?  May is Celiac Awareness Month and as a catering business we can't stress enough the importance of gluten-free food services and special diet menus. 

Food allergies and intolerances can be life threatening. Also the fear of accidental exposure to certain foods can really affect the quality of life of people with specific dietary needs. Did you know that approximately 1 in 100 people globally suffer from Celiac Disease while more than 250,000,000 people suffer from food allergies? 

And being able to guarantee a safe and enjoyable meal for everyone is a top priority for us at Markas. 
gluten-free food services and special diet menus
More than 1,600,000 special diet meals per year

Every year, our staff prepares more than 1,600,000 special diet meals for students and employees. This means that there are several aspects to be considered: allergies, intolerances, chronic illnesses such as diabetes or celiac disease, as well as cultural or ethnic factors.

Based on doctors' certificates and official documentation provided by individuals with specific allergies or intolerances, our experts register the ingredients or allergens that should be avoided.
Meals are designed on the basis of the specific needs of every person, taking into account the products used and the daily menu of every facility.

In addition, in order to minimize the social consequences that dietary restrictions might cause, our chefs and nutritionists always try to create an alternative dish that is as close as possible to the menu of the day. 
gluten-free food services
Much more than just selecting the right ingredients

Selecting food suppliers and ingredients is critical when it comes to specific nutritional needs and gluten-free food services. But that's not all. Food traceability, quality controls, storage conditions and preparation processes are very important to prevent cross contamination. 

To ensure maximum safety and avoid cross contamination, Markas has obtained several certifications such as the Food Safety System Certification for the production, packing, distribution and supply of special dietary meals and the Conformity Certificate for Gluten-free catering and canteens among others. 

Therefore, all special diet dishes are prepared separately using dedicated equipment and utensils while every meal is identified with the individual's name and the specific requirement. In this way we ensure a safe, balanced and tasty food experience for everyone!