"Good to know": Transparency all along the line at the Elisabethinen hospital in Klagenfurt

17.02.2021 - Austria

The Markas kitchen received another certification within the sustainability campaign. The meal plans for patients and employees will contain information about the origin of the meat and egg products.

Markas runs the kitchen at the Elisabethinen hospital in Klagenfurt since 2018, from where the team also provides the meals for the mobile care service since 2020. Together with the Chamber of Agriculture of Carinthia and the order hospital Markas identifies the clear marking of meat and egg products in the meal plans. Within the initiative “Good to know” of the Chamber of Agriculture patients and employees shall become a better overview of the origin of the ingredients.
Certificate "Good to know"

More regionality on the plate

Mag. Michael Steiner, MAS, CEO of the Elisabethinen hospital emphasizes the importance of the initiative at the hospital: “Especially when it’s about meat and eggs I can’t think of any reason, why we should not rely on products from our close range.” The origin of the ingredients is included into the meal plans. Meat, vegetables, bread and pastry as well as noodles come from the surrounding region.
Certificate "Good to know"

Fresh, regional and seasonal

18 kitchen employees and two dieticians care for the wellbeing of patients and employees. Per year on average 110.000 meals leave the kitchen, approximately 20.000 meals for the employees. The usage of regional products not only provides a culinary and health benefit – short transportation routes and sustainable production support the environment and climate protection.

Sustainability, regionality and seasonality: These are the three main cornerstones of healthy nutrition. If we cook at home, we know where the ingredients come from – when eating out, we oftentimes ask ourselves about the origin of the products.”, says Dr. Elke Haber, MBA, Commercial Director of the Elisabethinen hospital.”
Certificate "Good to know"

Transparency all along the line

ÖR Ing. Johann Mößler, president of the Chamber of Agriculture Carinthia, adds: “Because of this our initiative has the goal to label the origin of products used in the community catering and give the consumers a better overview. The Elisabethinen hospital shows, how easy and non-bureaucratic this can be.”

Working together for public health and the environment is important for Mag. Gerlinde Tröstl, CEO of Markas Austria, too. “Today it is more important than ever to know, under which circumstances our food is produced and where the ingredients come from. We are happy to make another step towards sustainability and transparency – and assume responsibility for humanity and our planet.”