Healthy and fit in everyday life

Let's start all over together, beginning with our health!

08.05.2020 - Austria - Italy - Germany - Romania

We are currently living in a peculiar time, which is challenging us.
Slowing down the spread of the corona virus as much as possible is a priority, but at the same time it is important to try to return to a normal everyday life. It's not always easy - that's why we at Markas want to support our employees in finding new strategies to shape their everyday lives.

Physical exercise is more important than ever before. Nature is currently inviting us to be outdoors. A walk through the woods not only strengthens our body, but it is also good for our soul. Of course, everyone gets their energy reserves back differently (running, tennis and much more) but it is important to try out what is fun and what is just good for ourselves. Just a few minutes a day significantly contribute to the positive development of our health! We should also take care of our bodies at work. Whether sitting or standing - our everyday work is characterized by one-sided movements. It is important to support our body with counter movements and to create a balance. Simple exercises during the day can work little miracles and give us strength. The Austrian Health Insurance Fund has put together an extensive program with simple but effective exercises that are easy to follow. 
Healthy and fit with a balanced diet

Healthy and fit with a balanced diet

A healthy and balanced diet strengthens our immune system and helps us to get through this challenging time being healthy and fit. The most important key points are:

Meals should be varied and colorful
- Pay attention to seasonal and regional food
- Drink at least 1.5 liters of water or unsweetened tea each day

Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals and they should be on the menu as often as possible. Cereals, dairy products and (in smaller quantities) meat and fish also play an important role. Oily and sweet foods that contain only a few nutrients are of course by no means taboo, but should be consumed in moderation.
Even though we have been more socially distant than ever due to the measures of the past weeks and we still are in some way, it has been evident that we feel closer to each other. We are happy and grateful to be able to see our loved ones again in person (and not just by video call) and to be able to go out again for shopping, sports and other activities.
Measures to reconcile work and family

Measures to reconcile work and family

It is important to us at Markas to enable all employees to find a good balance between professional and private life. That is why we want to give a signal with the seal of approval for company health promotion and the “Work & Family” audit. In Italy we are proud to have obtained the Well certificate for our headquarters in Bolzano and the "Health Promoting Workplace" certificate for our branch office in Vaprio.