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What does it take to deliver top hotel cleaning and housekeeping services?

26.02.2021 - Italy

When does a hotel room feel better than home? When there is a high quality hotel cleaning and housekeeping service that makes guests feel safe, pampered and at ease. 

And this is the philosophy behind Markas services; leaving no detail to chance in order to enhance satisfaction and create emotional connections. But what does it really take to achieve a top-level service? 
hotel cleaning and housekeeping services Markas
Customized learning programs for truly committed and qualified staff 

With more than 650 highly trained housekeeping professionals working with five of the most prestigious hospitality groups across Italy, Markas guarantees an impeccable service for every type of hotel and every kind of traveler, especially when it comes to a relaxing break, a wellness resort or a holiday estate! 

Through an extensive program that includes tailor-made learning and on-the-job coaching, every member of our hospitality team has the know-how and is prepared to handle the most demanding situations in an efficient, safe and prompt way. From following the right cleaning protocols in safety to looking professional and presentable while on duty, they are able to carefully observe guests' needs and contribute to increasing customer retention. 
our hotel cleaning and housekeeping services
Innovative systems and on-site support for performance excellence 

Every hotel business is unique and with more than one million hotel rooms serviced in a year, specific contact points and efficient quality control systems are vital! Thanks to Markas' pyramid organizational model, dedicated customer support specialists ensure immediate and efficient responses to particular needs or challenging situations of every property. 

In addition, thanks to innovative systems and tools, we offer quality control processes and online real-time review monitoring. The purpose? Offering top hotel cleaning and housekeeping services that can positively impact a hotel's reputation. 
bespoke hotel cleaning and housekeeping services
Credibility and trust for successful long-term partnerships

Establishing a successful business partnership means trust and reliability both at operational and economic level.

Markas, being one of the few Italian companies that have been given the 'Cribis Prime Company' award, offers the financial stability required in order to maintain operational control, provide long-term continuity and manage efficiently staff's needs and development. 

In this way our partners can focus on their core business activities without worrying for their housekeeping operations.