Hygiene and safety in hotel housekeeping.

Technology, hygiene and safety in housekeeping: the new pillars of the hospitality industry

17.09.2021 - Italy

The hospitality sector has undergone many changes over the last year and the pandemic has definitely raised awareness of the importance of hygiene and safety in hotel housekeeping. Hoteliers' and guests' needs have changed and cleanliness is now a top priority when it comes to choosing a hotel.

This was the key topic addressed by Martina Kasslatter, Head of Housekeeping at Markas, in the framework of ISSA PULIRE 2021, a key industry event that took place in Verona. Martina talked about how Markas' teams faced the challenges of the pandemic and the processes that were implemented in order to respond fast to the new demands of the market.
hygiene and safety in housekeeping
Safety in the spotlight

Safety has been a key factor in the recovery of the tourism sector. Not only have hoteliers' standards of housekeeping hygiene and safety changed, but also guests put cleanliness and safety first. Housekeeping companies have adapted their services, using new methods and highly specialized staff. "We had to adapt our services to new organizational models. Operating staff should have a mix of transversal skills in order to adapt to the new norm and new ways of working. We have developed a training program that allows us to have real flexibility and be ready to react fast when needed" Martina says during her interview. 

But training on its own is not enough! Employees need constant support in order to give their best and guarantee the highest quality standards for hotel guests. Therefore, at Markas we rely on tried and tested, standardized procedures that include an ad hoc support system called 'Housekeeping System'. "Markas Housekeeping System brings together all the necessary elements for an efficient, high quality service; from contract management to staff recruitment, from personnel training on new technologies to quality control systems. Thanks to a system that is linked to Markas' headquarters in Bolzano, everything is monitored and our teams get the right support us in every single aspect in every single aspect," Martina explains.
hygiene and safety in housekeeping
It's quality that counts in the long-term

Without doubt, operational activities are at the core of Housekeeping services. However, providing the right infrastructure and support is what makes the difference in the long run.

The adjustments made when it comes to our Housekeeping services were not temporary.

There was a proper reorganization with the aim to raise our quality standards even higher.   
Martina finishes the interview with the favorite quote of Mario Kasslatter, Markas' founder, which continues to characterize our business to this day: 'It's quality that counts in the long-term' .