Inclusion event at Markas

Inclusion in the workplace: workshop at the Markas headquarters in St. Pölten

25.10.2021 - Italy

Markas is convinced that everyone - regardless of their mental and physical abilities - is a valuable candidate on the labour market and that a diverse working environment can foster productivity, motivation and social cohesion. For some time now, Markas has thus focused on increasingly promoting the inclusion of employees with disabilities and even appointed a dedicated inclusion officer whose job it is to continuously promote this endeavour.

In course of the initiative, Markas organised a workshop about the topic of inclusion in the workplace at the headquarters in St. Pölten on October 19. After a common breakfast and a guided tour through the company building the participants discussed where the company can still improve and how it can provide even more equal opportunities.

With events like these, Markas wants to create a platform for dialogue - knowing that personal exchange is the first step towards creating an attractive and responsible working environment in which each individual can develop their individual strengths to the best of their ability.