Markas and Versilia Lido UNA ESPERIENZE an unforgettable experience

Versilia Lido | UNA ESPERIENZE and Markas: together for an unforgettable and safe stay

04.03.2021 - Italy

For us at Markas, creating memorable hotel experiences means understanding guests’ needs and meeting the requirements of each specific lodging structure. And that’s exactly what forms the foundation of our long-term collaboration with Group UNA, a true partnership that focuses on delivering excellence and above all an unforgettable holiday to all hotel residents.

But what is the secret ingredient for creating a memorable and relaxing stay even during these challenging moments? 
Markas and Versilia Lido UNA ESPERIENZE together for a dream vacation
Well trained personnel that exceeds guests’ expectations

Investing in staff training is a top priority for Markas, as in this way we offer thoughtful housekeeping services that go beyond a clean room or a tidy bed. And this is exactly the quality of the service we offer to several Group UNA properties and in particular to Versilia Lido | UNA Esperienze.

We ensure that our staff perfectly understand guests’ needs and that Versilia Lido | UNA Esperienze is a place where even the highest expectations are exceeded. Their residents are loyal customers that seek the ultimate relaxation and pure indulgence. In other words, they expect spotless rooms, flawless services and special care in a friendly and discreet manner.

It all starts with a clear brief from the hotel management, because no one knows their guests’ needs better than them. Then, and throughout the entire collaboration, there is a constant communication in order to make sure that all tasks are completed efficiently and that our housekeeping teams make the guests’ stay even more comfortable.

This means checking every detail and observing the little things that can make a huge difference; offering a third pillow, avoiding waking residents up if they choose to get up late, noticing a guest’s preferred side of the bed, setting the lights according to their preferences and in general creating a comfortable environment that they will be looking forward to returning to.   
Markas and Versilia Lido UNA ESPERIENZE safety and relax
Tailor-made services for a safe hotel reopening  

During the pandemic, we combined our hospitality know-how and our 30 years’ experience in the sanitization sector in order to provide our staff with a comprehensive training that would allow them to maintain their efficiency and attention to details without compromising on quality or safety. 

After listening carefully to our client’s desires and requirements, we designed a bespoke housekeeping service that would perfectly fit the needs of Versilia Lido | UNA Esperienze and that would guarantee a successful restart.
In this way, in a short period of time, we ensured a safe hotel re-opening for all guests and staff. Thorough cleaning was carried out prior to the re-opening while all rooms and common areas were disinfected using hydrogen peroxide and always following the official health regulations. “Rooms in Versilia Lido combine modern design, comfort and elegance. - says Daniele Mereu, Hotel Operations Manager – Now, thanks to Markas services, they are also perfectly sanitized according to the safety guidelines of UNASafe Protocol, Group UNA’s official hygiene protocol”.

Thanks to the variety of the services we offered and a transparent collaboration, we helped our hotel partner adapt rapidly to constantly changing situations and respond quickly to individual and diverse needs. But above all we helped them create an unforgettable hotel stay for their guests!