Markas Health Day

The "Markas Health Day” puts spotlight on employee wellbeing

16.09.2021 - Austria

Healthy, satisfied employees are the cornerstone for the success of any company. With this core idea in mind, Markas continually initiates various initiatives to promote the physical and mental well-being of its employees. Various sports activities, ongoing information events on topics such as exercise and nutrition and a dedicated crisis hotline for employees are just some examples for Markas’ commitment in this regard, which led to a renowned certification for promoting workplace health in 2018. Another valuable initiative is the yearly "Markas Health Day” in the headquarter in St. Pölten, which this year took place on September 8 and was attended by about 30 employees. In addition to an online lecture on workplace and car ergonomics, a workshop on mental fitness as well as breathing exercises to reduce stress, participants also had the possibility to attend a short, crisp workout and could benefit from a free veinous ultrasound test.