Markas offers hotels an innovative disinfection service, developed thanks to the company's thirty-year experience in the field of sanitary cleaning.

Hotels and a safe restart

26.06.2020 - Austria - Italy - Germany - Romania

To kick off the summer and allow accomodating structures and hotels to safely reopen, Markas offers them an innovative disinfection service, developed thanks to the company's thirty-year experience in the field of sanitary cleaning. Martina Kasslatter, Markas Housekeeping Manager, tells us how the company, faced with the emergency situation, decided to be alongside its clients by offering a service already tested in the healthcare sector and customized according to their needs.
Markas Housekeeping

How has the world of hospitality changed following the health emergency?

"The keywords for accommodation facilities are safety and disinfection" – tells us Martina. Since the beginning of the emergency, Markas has been committed to supporting hotels and identifying the best solutions for a safe restart.  This extra attention has been increasingly appreciated by hotel guests, who consider the additional disinfection of the rooms a crucial element to book with confidence.
Markas Housekeeping

What did Markas come out with to meet the new needs of hotels?

The need to contain the spread of Covid-19 has led to new needs and requirements in all industries.  In the hotel industry, the main concern is the health and safety of guests, as well as staff. Hence, Markas came up with an additional disinfection service – in addition to the ordinary cleaning of the rooms – to ensure the riddance of viruses and bacteria. Markas specialized personnel use a hydrogen peroxide disinfectant, recommended by the Ministry of Health for its effectiveness. Martina explains that "this product is particularly suitable for the disinfection of various hotel environments: the solution is totally biodegradable and can be dispensed on all surfaces because it does not grease, discolour and does not leave residues".

How did Markas overcome the difficult months of the emergency, even coming to offer new services?

Martina says: “these months have certainly been very intense for everyone. Taking advantage of the temporary stop period of some activities, including those of Housekeeping, we have dedicated ourselves to training our staff on the protocols and methods of specialized disinfection, which we have been using for years in the healthcare sector. This allowed us to give a prompt and competent response to the needs of our clients."

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