Markas Lift: a corporate welfare project

Markas Lift: a corporate welfare project in service of future generations

13.09.2021 - Italy

Markas Lift, a corporate welfare project dedicated to Markas employees' children, has come to an end. The initiative aimed at uncovering future talents and empowering young generations to develop their skills and discover their potential. 

This five-day creative bootcamp, immersed in nature with the guidance of coaches and Markas' key professional figures, was a meeting point that united future generations and a well-structured company like Markas. The project's philosophy?  In perfect harmony with Markas' family business philosophy: passing valuable experience on to future generations and helping them grow. 
Markas Lift: a corporate welfare project
The project: participants and key objectives 

16 participants from all over Italy, all children of Markas' employees aged between 18 and 29; they were selected based on their personality and above all the motivation they showed during the shortlisting process. 
Five days of classroom sessions, role-playing activities, group exercises and outdoor experiences; from constructing a Tibetan bridge to orienteering in the woods, the entire initiative was designed to simulate dynamic processes and behaviors, providing in this way a valuable learning experience. 

All participants had the chance to meet Markas' managers and employees of different divisions in order to better understand key responsibilities or characteristics of each role, but also to discover new opportunities and interesting career paths.

This corporate welfare project took place in a unique location in Soprabolzano - Renon and included certified tutors specialized in improving communication, interpersonal and leadership skills, as well as enhancing the strengths each participant. 
Markas Lift: a corporate welfare project
A 'lift' to the top: enhancing personal skills and competencies 

The name 'Markas Lift' was inspired by the English word 'lift' which means elevator. By offering all participants the chance to interact and learn directly from established Markas' professionals, the project's objective was to act as a 'skills accelerator'. It aimed at helping these young talented people make the difference and reach the 'top' when it comes to their future career path. 

"The concept of family is deeply rooted in Markas. Looking into the future, one of our key priorities is supporting our employees and their families through a series of dedicated projects. We strongly believe that the future lies in initiatives that promote younger generations, that help them discover their talents and that welcome their enthusiasm' Evelyn Kirchmaier, Managing Director of Markas, explains.

Successful generational change has been revitalizing for Markas itself. It signaled a new beginning that was made possible thanks to the experience handed down through the generations. Markas Lift is based on the exact same value: preparing today's youth to be the leaders of tomorrow.

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