Markas's office in Modena

Markas opens new office in Modena

23.09.2021 - Italy

On September 22nd, Markas officially inaugurated a new branch office in Modena. The new office comes as a result of Markas' steady organic growth and a new important collaboration: starting from this year, Markas will be partnering with Local Health Authorities of Reggio Emilia/ Modena. In view of this great collaboration, more than 600 employees will be joining Markas' workforce in order to offer efficient sanitizing services across 10 hospitals and healthcare facilities of the region.  

Markas' office in Modena will act as a point of reference not only for staff but also for clients. Therefore, it will allow us to better manage all operational activities, and to act fast in any given situation.      
Markas's office in Modena
New office: in perfect Markas' style

Christoph Kasslatter, Markas' Managing Director as well as the team that will be managing this new partnership were present at the opening event. It was a warm intimate opening ceremony that marks a great moment: Markas makes its entry into Emilia Romagna's market.  

For us, at Markas, one of our greatest assets is our people.  That's why one of our top priorities is offering our employees a working environment that promotes safety, comfort and productivity. 

And our workspace represents exactly that: attention to details and attention to the well-being of our staff. The new office is strategically located a few kilometers away from Modena's highway junction, at via Placido Rizzotto 46. The large windows around the office allow for plenty of natural light while the light-colored furniture increases room brightness and makes the space more airy.
Markas's office in Modena
Always by our clients' side

Markas already counts 6 offices across Italy, with Modena becoming the 7th. Each of them is strategically located to ensure proximity to key service areas, and particularly to the ones with higher level of complexity.

In this way we guarantee efficient support to our personnel and above all to our clients and partners.  

Being physically present allows us to accompany our employees along their new journey and ensure that every single member of our staff receives the right support and training from the very first day.

And that's also the case when it comes to our new partnership in Modena: bringing our modus operandi into a new market territory to achieve maximum efficiency.  
Markas's office in Modena
Markas sets foot in Modena and Emilia Romagna

'Our enthusiasm derives from the fact that Markas has entered a new territory, that of Emilia Romagna, which is completely new to us' says Christoph Kasslatter, Markas' Managing Director. 'It's a double challenge; we need to convey our values and skills to our new employees and at the same time create a perfect synergy that will allow us to work in a constructive and efficient way'. 

The enthusiasm is evident! Several training sessions addressed to our new staff are about to be launched and passing on Markas' know-how to 600 new employees undeniably marks the beginning of a new exciting journey.

Our guide on this remarkable journey? Reliability, commitment and fairness; Markas' core values that always remind us who we are and bind us together!