MATILDE project HR Manager testing tool for foreign citizens selection

MATILDE project: analyzing the impact of migration on local communities and economies

27.10.2021 - Italy

What is the impact of migration on local communities and economies? This is the main research topic of MATILDE Horizon 2020, a 3-year project that studies the effect of migration on the local development of rural regions in 10 different countries, including Italy and the region of South Tyrol. The aim of this study is to support local economies and the integration of migrants into the labor market. 

With over 36 years of experience across 4 different countries and more than 9000 employees of different cultural backgrounds, Markas has a solid experience when it comes to integration, candidate assessment and cultural inclusivity of personnel.
MATILDE project people working together
Markas' know-how at the service of MATILDE: the initial phase of the project

In the framework of the initial phase of MATILDE project, Markas' HR, Selection & Organization Manager, Alessandro Cench, has participated in a workshop organized by Andrea Membretti, Scientific Head of MATILDE Horizon 2020 project  and Senior Researcher at the University of Eastern Finland in collaboration with the Province of Bolzano and Caritas Diocese of Bolzano-Bressanone.

The goal?  Establish specific practices that can be applied by South Tyrol's employers and professionals working in the field of social inclusion. We have been sharing this know-how with a focus on developing bespoke tools that can highlight soft skills and competences of foreign citizens living in the region. At the same time these tools will be used in order to better assess candidates, foster inclusivity and therefore support the development of the local economy.  
MATILDE project interviewing people of different cultural background
Adopting a socially responsible approach as a business

Being sustainable is not only about environmental sustainability. It's also about social and economic sustainability.

It's about contributing to the local economic growth and the well-being of current and future generations. It is about supporting each other and appreciating the skills that make each person unique no matter our origins or cultural background.    

And for a company like Markas, that is deeply connected with its roots, helping local communities is vital. And this is the idea behind Markas' contribution to MATILDE project: support the social integration of migrants and Bolzano's economy through innovative methods that promote a change in perceptions and practices.