The Austrian Society for Nutrition certifies Markas' collective catering

The Austrian Society for Nutrition certifies the communal feeding service of Markas

05.08.2020 - Austria

Since 2018 Markas has been running its service for communal feeding at the Elisabethinen Hospital in Klagenfurt and, since the beginning of February, the service has been expanded with the preparation of "Meals on wheels" menus. At the end of June, the hospital’s kitchen was evaluated by the Austrian Society for Nutrition and, with the maximum number of points, it was awarded with the ÖGE quality label for nutrient-optimised food for menu of the light normal diet.

This important certification is the only nationwide quality mark for the communal feeding service in Austria. Among the requirements of the certification are the quality of the nutritional offer and the supply of nutrients adapted to the needs of the target groups, with a special view to a healthy and balanced nutrition.
The Austrian Society for Nutrition certifies Markas' collective catering

Balanced and tasty, for a quick recovery

“The team around the chef Mario Waldhauser was convincing across the board” says the Commercial Director of the Elisabethinen Hospital Dr. Elke Haber. “It has been proven that healthy nutrition and freshly prepared meals contribute significantly to a quick recovery of the patients. This is why this certification is so important to us as a hospital. Also the feedback of our patients confirms the quality of the food.”

Gerlinde Tröstl, Managing Director of Markas Austria, is also proud of the result: “The quality of our food is the cornerstone of our communal feeding service. This is achieved through an optimal combination of nutrients and freshly prepared local ingredients. Precisely it is this combination that is the key to our success.
The Austrian Society for Nutrition certifies Markas' collective catering

With the mobile nursing service you can enjoy the food quality of Markas at home!

In the kitchen of the Elisabethinen Hospital, by the way, cooking is not only done for patients and staff, but also for external visitors, who can choose from two menus in the Markas Cafeteria at lunchtime. The mobile nursing service even delivers "meals on wheels" at home within the Klagenfurt area: More detailed information can be found on the mobile nursing service's website:

By achieving the maximum number of points for this certification, the local team in Austria has achieved an outstanding result, which we are very pleased about. This award really is a special milestone, of which we are very proud!