Haidrun Achammer, co-founder and president of the administration board of Markas in Bolzano, South Tyrol.

Haidrun Achammer: Power woman and role model for numerous women!

08.12.2019 - Italy - Germany - Austria - Romania

Haidrun Achammer was born on 8th December 1944 in Sterzing (Vipiteno) and had to learn quite early to stand on her own two feet. From the very first her single and working mother served her as a great role model as a working and financially independent woman. Since her mother worked at the tailor’s shop, where she also had to lead some employees, Haidrun had to learn at the early age of six years to take over responsibility for her younger siblings.

Time for big plans
One thing was pretty clear for Haidrun: her education should not end with elementary school. Actively supported by her mother she decided to continue her education at the secondary school in Bolzano. Without hesitation and fascinated by the idea of experiencing the new and unknown, she moved to the south tyrolean capital at the age of twelve. After attending the classical gymnasium she proceeded with studying politcal economics at the University of Innsbruck; another rarity in Haidruns’ life because especially in economics studying women weren’t often seen in universities at that time. After her successfully completed studies she began to teach at the vocational business school in Sterzing (Vipiteno). During this time she also met her future husband Mario Kasslatter.
Haidrun Achammer always interested and committed in women's issues

About the limits of motherhood and the commitment for women

After marrying Mario Kasslatter and even after the birth of her two sons, Florian and Christoph, the young mother continued to work. During these years she learned, what it actually means to reconcile the professional life with being a wife and mother. After 15 years of teaching she decided to take advantage of the opportunity to retire. But she didn’t just limit her activities in being a mother: Haidrun Achammer became a member of the council for the SVP, a social democratic political party in Vipiteno. Although she studied economics, she didn’t feel taken seriously as a woman. Experiences, that increased her sensibility for women’s issues. Between 1994 and 1999 she became president of the 2nd National Advisory Council for Equal Opportunities and led its activities. 

Those topics are still important for the 75-year-old. It’s one of her heartfelt wishes that women learn to value and stand up for themselves – especially mothers who, in most cases, are not even aware of how much they accomplish handling family, jobs and households. She is convinced that such women, with their distinctive abilities and great qualities, can undoubtedly be described as managers.
Transfer of the ownership of Markas to Christoph and Florian Kasslatter at the headquarters of Bolzano

Re-entry to working life: The foundation of Markas

Once the sons were old enough and had finished their school career, Haidrun decided to go back to work in 1985. Together with her husband Mario she founded the service service company for cleaning, hygiene, canteen and logistic services on May 15th: Markas. With the tender adjudication of the hospital in Cuneo the company began its long story of success in 1986.

The business began to grow and the working couple built up a leading company in their sector, expanding the business and opening branch offices in Austria (St. Pölten), Germany (Unterhaching near Munich) and Romania (Târgu Mureș). In 2011 they handed over the management of Markas to their sons, who actively manage the company with great commitment. With more than 9.000 employees, Markas is one of South Tyrol’s largest employers – with Haidrun Achammer presiding the board of administration. 

Haidrun keeps always up to her motto: “Do what you enjoy without thinking too much about it. Then, the success will all come by itself.” (Die Südtirolerin)


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