Lo Smartworking in Markas

Remote work: not new for Markas!

11.02.2021 - Italy

During the last year, many businesses were forced to take a leap and switch to remote work due to the pandemic. And while for many companies this was a huge transition, for us, at Markas, it was not something new. Markas had already introduced this way of working back in 2018. Since then, thanks to a solid and collective approach, working remotely has become an integral part of our company’s culture.

But what really is remote work, and how can it impact employees and corporations? Teleworking means much more than just taking your laptop home. In fact, there is a series of challenges that organizations need to address in order to fully benefit from it and at the same time continue offering their employees development opportunities and work flexibility. Without doubt, a well-structured IT infrastructure plays a key role as it guarantees smooth workflow, secure access but also something even more valuable; efficient and real-time communication among colleagues.

However, IT tools by themselves do not necessarily equal fruitful results. The key success factor is the mutual commitment between a company and its employees. A two-part collaboration is essential; on one hand, organizations need to offer efficient tools, and excellent work management practices to their staff, while on the other hand, employees must demonstrate a certain degree of flexibility and autonomy.
Remote work in Markas
Our path to change

Markas’ remote work scheme began in January 2018 with the aim to establish different and innovative work processes inside the company. A pilot project was first carried out for all the management staff at our headquarters in Bolzano, to then be extended to all Markas employees.

Throughout the entire planning phase, there were two key priorities; digitisation and the human element. Markas IT department worked hard in order to identify and build the right tools, programs and software that would facilitate such a digital transformation and allow everyone to work from home in a productive, stressless and comfortable way.

At the same time, Markas employees had to become accustomed to the new digital processes and communication flows, developing, in this way, their digital competences and creating opportunities for new relationships and collaboration within the company.
Of course, a holistic digital transition like this would not be efficient without applying an advanced feedback system and a step-by-step approach.
Smartworking bei Markas
The 6 golden rules

After several months of research and testing, we learned the “6 golden rules” for successful remote working:
1) Working from home requires moderation. Therefore, it is essential that employees set themselves clear targets and work schedules and stick to them.
2) Taking time to get used to the new way of working is necessary and ensures a smooth transition.
3) Setting clear company rules or procedures and making sure that they are being respected is important.
4) Knowing when to disconnect.
5) Avoiding isolation. Keeping the team united and encouraging colleagues to ‘share’ moments virtually.
6) Finding the right work-life balance.

By following these rules, we managed to successfully integrate a new way of working into our daily lives. The outcome? ‘Working smart, leading smart’, which means great results, increased levels of motivation and a better work-life balance.

The winning ingredients? Result-based evaluation systems, continuous communication, structured feedback and above all a relationship based on trust and responsibility between managers and employees.