Safety in hospitals: through the eyes of a service company

Hygiene and safety in hospitals: through the eyes of a service company

13.05.2021 - Italy

During the pandemic, service companies that operate in healthcare facilities had to face several challenges: from finding PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for their personnel to implementing new procedures and tools to keep hospital staff and their own people safe.  

Working hand in hand with key Hospital Management figures has been vital in overcoming these difficulties, in providing solutions in a very short time and forging direct and close relationships. One of these key figures is the Prevention and Protection Service Manager figure in hospitals.  

GSA magazine interviewed Markas' Quality Assurance Director, Andrea Tezzele to explore the critical issues encountered by a service company like Markas, which operates in over 200 healthcare facilities throughout the country, and to better understand the strategic role of the Prevention and Protection Service Manager.
Hygiene and safety in hospitals: through the eyes of a service company
Hospitals in a state of emergency: the challenges

The first critical challenge was certainly the difficulty that healthcare companies and institutions faced in providing all employees, including those of Markas, with suitable protective equipment. The company acted immediately in order to find and source the necessary masks and gloves. Initially, due to high demand, this was particularly difficult. 

Eventually, on 19th March 2020, the Civil Protection took the situation in its own hands and issued  the COVID/15071 protocol, signed by Angelo Borrelli. This protocol obliged healthcare companies to provide outsourced services staff with the required protective equipment.

Today, the issue of sourcing protective equipment has been resolved, however, there is still no clarity as to who should bear the costs of purchasing these items. In tenders, this uncertainty can lead to serious difficulties, especially for service companies operating in a highly competitive market.
Hygiene and safety in hospitals: through the eyes of a service company
Why is the role of Prevention and Protection Service Manager so important for Markas?

For Markas, the Prevention and Protection Service Manager is the main point of reference when it comes to organizing cleaning and disinfecting services in hospitals as well as adapting safety protocols for different work contexts.

Having to face a new risk that had not yet been indicated in the classification of biological agents, those responsible for prevention and safety as well as the works councils found themselves in an extremely complex situation.  

The lack of protective equipment, regional regulations and other policies led to great difficulties, both for hospitals themselves and third party companies working on site.
In order to keep all workers updated and informed about the rules of conduct and ways to avoid the risk of infection, we developed a customized training management scheme. This included special courses, portals where employees could find useful information as well as dedicated newsletters. 

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