Markas new dish at school canteens

Mini-burgers: our new dish for a healthier school canteen lunch

21.01.2021 - Italy

Have you ever wondered what is the story behind every dish served at your kids’ school canteen or at your local university cafeteria?

As a specialized catering company with several years of experience, we care about every single detail and we don’t leave anything to chance. We really value the importance of providing hundreds of young students, with a balanced and healthy meal on a daily basis.

That’s why behind every Markas dish lies an inspirational story along with plenty of thoughtful planning, and, above all, a strong passion for what we do. And that’s also the case with the ‘mini-burgers’, our latest dish served in three variations: with vegetables, legumes or fish.
The vegetables and legumes options are made exclusively with vegetarian ingredients such as spinach, carrots, potatoes, lentils and chick-peas and constitute an ideal source of plant-based protein while the fish ‘mini-burger’ contains cod supplied by selected sustainable fisheries
La mensa scolastica di qualità
Inspiring children to live a healthier life: from the initial idea to the final dish

Apart from investing in food education through a series of tailor-made teaching activities, we also recognize the importance of establishing healthy eating patterns from a very early age.
Using fresh, genuine and sustainably sourced ingredients has always been a top priority for us, especially when it comes to kindergartens and school canteens.

But is this enough in order to encourage kids to eat and enjoy vegetables, legumes or fish? Unlike what some children might feel, healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring, quite the opposite. And this is the true inspiration behind our new recipe.

365 days of research, two months of experimentation, one team of highly experienced professionals including cooks, dieticians, coordinators, technologists and research chefs as well as a bit of imagination; this is what it takes to create a new balanced dish like the ‘mini-burgers’. They are round, soft and tasty adding in this way an enjoyable touch to healthy eating.
markas new dish at school canteens
Caring for quality along the entire supply chain

Our commitment is not limited to creating a balanced and healthy dish. What young students eat is definitely important to us. But how it arrives on their plate also matters!
Thanks to our certified food management systems we make sure that meals are prepared and delivered according to the highest health and safety standards.

Also, by using a thorough selection of fresh ingredients and always taking into account multicultural culinary ethics and special dietary needs, we guarantee an equally nutritious and appetizing experience even for those who require special menus such as gluten-free or Halal meals.

Our services don’t stop there! Through the friendliness and enthusiasm of our well-trained catering staff, we make sure that our little friends start and finish their meal with a big smile! Because we understand that school canteen food plays a key role in shaping the well-being of our children and above all inspiring young minds!