Back to school together: reinventing school meals

09.10.2020 - Italy

Safety, quality and care: these have always been the key values that shape Markas school meals catering services. 

During the last months a lot of families and children were forced to stay home while numerous students had to give up their school meals; not only a major opportunity to socialize, but also an important occasion for acquiring a thorough food knowledge and a conscious consumption mindset. Now, we want to give students back this precious moment, always in compliance with the highest health and safety standards

Now more than ever, we need to work hand in hand with schools, local authorities, and our partners. The objective? A common vision; a smooth school reopening for our students without compromising their safety and wellbeing. Going back to school together means a lot to us. But, undeniably, it is not that simple. 

Our tireless staff and dedicated collaborators, continue to operate with great enthusiasm and determination. Using new equipment, following new work processes, and adapting quickly to rapidly changing needs are just some of the everyday challenges that need to be tackled.  

School canteens open again in Cuneo

In these uncertain times, we are very happy to finally share some rewarding news with you. Since last week, hundreds of students from 26 different schools in the city and province of Cuneo, can enjoy their lunch meals again in a secure and healthy manner.

In Cuneo, Markas operates in partnership with Sodexo Italia, while transport services are handled by Gesac, a local cooperative. ‘‘In these historical moments, when health and safety play a pivotal role, together with Sodexo, we chose to concentrate on our collaborators’ expertise in order to guarantee the well-being of all the students’’. 

Therefore, physical distancing guidelines are strictly followed and effective disinfection of surfaces is required after every meal without allowing this coronavirus emergency have an effect on the quality of school meals and menus.

Click here to read the full article published by the newspaper La Guida (only in Italian).