Supporting hoteliers to resume operations

10.03.2021 - Italy

While most hospitality businesses are looking forward to a solid recovery of the hotel industry, there are many challenges that hoteliers have to overcome in order to welcome back their guests. At Markas, we support our hotel partners in this delicate process, providing our housekeeping know-how combined with our many years of experience in the sanitization sector.

The synergy established with our clients has enabled us to create tailor-made solutions for their hotels. Martina Kasslatter, Head of Housekeeping at Markas, speaks to us about the process of adapting our services to the industry’s new needs.
Markas is at your side with our housekeeping services in the recovery of your business
What steps has Markas taken to adapt to the new requirements of the hospitality sector?

"We have integrated tried and tested disinfection protocols into our housekeeping service, which we now offer to our hotel partners to meet their needs against Covid-19" says Martina. With over 30 years of experience in the sanitization industry, hygiene and safety have become a daily routine for Markas. We perfectly understand how important it is to ensure maximum cleanliness in certain environments such as healthcare facilities. Today the housekeeping service has similar types of requirements. We have therefore applied the same high standards to our housekeeping services, making them, in this way, flawless in every aspect. Thanks to this combination, we have established reliable processes to ensure a fast hotel re-opening, taking, at the same time, particular care of the high safety expectations of our clients’ guests.
Attention, precision and timing - Markas housekeeping
What resources does Markas offer for sanitising hotel environments?

For regular or routine sanitizing procedures we use detergents and disinfectants, always in accordance to official health protocols. When requested by our clients, our housekeeping experts also use nebulised hydrogen peroxide, a technique that guarantees full disinfection of all surfaces of a hotel room. Thanks to its strong disinfectant effect, this method is particularly suitable for hotel ambiences as it can be used on all surfaces and textiles without damaging them. According to Martina, it is "a totally biodegradable solution that can be applied on all surfaces, both horizontal and vertical, because it doesn't cause stains or discoloration and it doesn’t produce residues". 
our housekeeping services in the recovery of your business
The restart is approaching, but what does it require?

The hotel industry recovery is getting closer and closer and we are always by our partners’ side to support the reopening of their facilities. Through fast and safe procedures that pay attention to every detail, we guarantee hotels a complete restoration of their services. During the first lockdown, we took advantage of the situation in order to further develop our skills and train our staff. Now, we are ready for meeting all our hotel-partners’ needs: from basic cleaning to detailed disinfection of all common areas and rooms, we can offer our expertise to all the hospitality structures and hoteliers that are preparing for the summer season.

Attention, precision and time efficiency are the three pillars that characterise Markas housekeeping service.