sustainability at markas

Sustainability at Markas: a concrete concept!

07.05.2021 - Italy

Nowadays, sustainability is a key topic and it can have various meanings and interpretations. We, at Markas, have a pragmatic approach towards sustainability: for Markas, sustainability means taking concrete action every day, on a collective and individual level, in order to raise awareness on social and environmental issues.
In the framework of an event organized by Volksbank, our Managing Director, Evelyn Kirchmaier, presented Markas' path to sustainability as well as our environmental strategy moving forward. She presented the key milestones of Markas' journey towards sustainability, the successes achieved over the years, as well as the company's clear direction for the future. But what's the starting and finishing point of our journey to sustainability? 
sustainability at markas
Sustainability: not only an environmental but also a social issue

For us, sustainability is important on a social and on an environmental level; that's why we have adopted a holistic approach. We are committed to promoting a corporate culture that respects others and above all the environment.  

Having a systematic step-by-step approach is necessary for achieving our goals; based on this philosophy, in  2005 we introduced an environmental management system certified in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard and more recently with the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS). 

Furthermore, we have put into place additional initiatives. When it comes to our cleaning services, more than 30% of our cleaning agents and 50% of our disposable products are Eco-label products while chemical products are diluted via an automated system. When it comes to our food services, we have introduced a structured supplier evaluation system that enables end-to-end  visibility and traceability of raw materials. 
sustainability at markas
In addition, we use local, DOP, IGP and STG products as well as goods with organic certifications. At the same time, we work closely with community associations and charity organizations to recover perishable food and fight food waste.

Our practical approach towards sustainability has been internationally recognized; from certifications such as 'Great Place to Work Italy' and the 'EMAS 2020' award given by the Ministry of the Environment for the 'most effective environmental statement', to the 'European Business Awards'. 

But most importantly, our 'green' practices have never been in conflict with the company's economic sustainability. 

In fact, we have also been given various prestigious business and finance awards such as the 'CRIBIS Prime Company' award for our commercial reliability and the 'Industria Felix Award' for being one of the best businesses for management performance and financial reliability.
sustainability at markas
Looking to the future: our 2030 goals

Markas' approach to sustainability is not only practical but also strategic. Taking the time to thoroughly plan both, short-term and long-term environmental strategies based on the core company values is extremely important for us.

Above all, we believe that involving the entire company and creating a clear vision shared by all our people  is essential for successfully implementing these strategies and achieving our objectives in full transparency.
That's why our key goal for 2030 is establishing sustainable behaviors at all levels and across the entire organization - an approach that can really make the difference when it comes to a company like Markas, an organization that continuously invests in its people.