Measures for a more sustainable cleaning service at Markas

On the way to a more sustainable future: how does Markas introduce sustainability... in its cleaning service?

11.12.2019 - Italy - Germany - Austria - Romania

Recently there has been more talk than ever about sustainability and how to introduce sustainable steps not only into everyday life but also into business activities. What is Markas doing to contribute to a more environmentally conscious future? 

The sustainable development and protection of our environment is an issue that is close to our hearts not only from an ecological but also from an economical and social point of view. Markas is taking important steps to increase the sustainability of its services not only behind the walls of our own company but also in our customer’s businesses to contribute to a more responsible and sustainable future. Our sustainability concept is based on concrete and strategic measures in order to act as resource-saving as possible. These actions range from the fight against food waste to the participation in environmental projects and up to the certified cleaning at the highest European standards
EU-certified cleaning agents and reusable packages for a more sustainable cleaning service at Markas

Measures for a more sustainable cleaning service in our customer’s businesses

Whether patient rooms, operating theatres, classrooms, retirement homes, hotel rooms or offices: every environment has its own needs and demands. For more than 30 years we have been taking care of cleaning in a variety of facilities, offering a professional and tailor-made solution to our customers. This does not only apply to our professionally trained employees; the topic of ecological sustainability is reflected in a number of projects that are specially designed to introduce innovative and environmentally friendly cleaning methods and measures at our customer’s businesses – with great success!

This includes the introduction of environmentally friendly cleaning processes with EU-certified cleaning agents that do not harm the environment or people. Not only the “Ecolabel” and “Cradle to Cradle” certified detergents themselves are eco-friendly, but also their reusable packaging which is made from recycled material. 
Markas contributes in projects of reforestation to offset the caused emissions

The „CFP System Approach“ and our contribution to reforestation

Markas, as one of the first companies worldwide, offers the innovative "CFP System Approach" to calculate and quantify the environmental impact of our cleaning service. Thanks to this system, it is therefore possible to develop targeted and efficient countermeasures to offset CO2 emissions. The aim is to completely remediate the environmental impact.

In order to achieve this goal in the best possible way, we work closely with companies specialised in the sector to offset the emissions caused by 100%. We have decided to focus on national reforestation measures that include the plantation of trees to increase the number of green areas or foster already existing ones. In this way, we contribute to eliminate air pollution, protect biodiversity and reduce soil erosion and desertification. 


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