Sustainable lifestyle - 'M'illumino di meno'

'M'illumino di meno': following a more sustainable lifestyle

26.03.2021 - Italy

This year, just like every year, we joined 'M'illumino di meno' and we switched off Markas' illuminated signs all over Italy for the day. This symbolic initiative, launched by Caterpillar and Rai Radio2 aims at raising awareness on energy saving and sustainable lifestyles. 

This year's theme, inspired by covid-19, was 'Salto di Specie', or spillover in English and it invited us to reflect on our environmental impact, our way of living and how even the smallest actions can give rise to a 'greener' future. 

But what does this mean for businesses, communities and also individuals? How can we all contribute to a healthier planet?  For us, at Markas, a healthier planet means a continuous commitment to minimize our environmental impact. Through a series of initiatives, workshops and certifications we are actively working towards this objective throughout the year! 

sustainable lifestyle
Making our workplace more sustainable

At Markas, we believe that a sustainable lifestyle at work means a healthier planet but also happier employees. Here are some ideas for minimizing your environmental impact at work!

Save energy by reminding your staff and colleagues to turn off their computers and screens before leaving the office. Setting your computer to sleep mode after a short amount of time or avoiding using screen savers can significantly reduce energy consumption levels too.

Also, remember turning off display screens in meeting rooms when not in use. Through these small actions but also through additional initiatives, we managed to reduce our office energy consumption levels by almost 30% in 2020.
Reduce paper use by encouraging your colleagues to do on-screen file formatting instead of printing unnecessary documents. In addition, make sure that recycling paper bins are placed next to working stations and printers. We, at Markas, think twice before we print. As a result our office paper consumption dropped by 57% during the last year compared to 2019.

Reduce pollution and emissions by providing the right technologies or by upgrading office devices. This can allow for efficient online meetings and conference calls and, therefore, limit unnecessary work trips. Did you know that thanks to this philosophy, but also thanks to Markas' carsharing and cycling schemes not only we reduced our petrol and diesel consumption but we also started adopting a healthier lifestyle? 

Reduce, reuse, recycle at work by implementing a circular economy plan. For instance, did you know  that Markas corporate bags are responsibly and ethically made from recycled and second-hand materials? Or did you know that our old or discarded electronic devices are often used as spare parts for other equipment? 
sustainable lifestyle and energy saving
Sustainable living at home

Cut down on electricity consumption by using LED lamps or by unplugging your phone charger when not in use. Alternatively, use a power strip for all electronic devices and turn it off when not in use. Sometimes, chargers continue to use small amounts of electricity when plugged and this can lead to waste of energy and money. 

Reduce your carbon footprint in the kitchen by following simple tips. First of all, make sure you use ecofriendly products and low energy consumption appliances. While cooking, keep the lid on or try avoiding opening the oven. 

Use water efficiently by closing the tap while brushing your teeth, washing your hands or cleaning the dishes. When boiling water calculate the right quantity. In this way you don't waste water or extra energy to warm it up. 

Reduce, reuse, recycle at home. They say that sometimes less is more so why not start purchasing products with less packaging and start managing your waste by reusing plastic bags, bottles and other containers?     

Last but not least, remember that even the smallest actions can have a huge impact and help our planet!