United Against Waste

“Nothing left over” in the Elisabethinen Hospital: Markas supports initiative against food waste

30.09.2021 - Austria

All over Austria, 60,000 tons of food are thrown away in canteen kitchens every year. Especially healthcare facilities such as hospitals waste large amounts of the food they produce. As kitchen operator in the Elisabethinen Hospital in Klagenfurt, Markas has tried from the very beginning to keep food waste to an absolute minimum.

By participating in "United Against Waste", a cross-sector initiative for the avoidance of large-scale kitchen waste, Markas has now put an even greater focus on the careful and responsible handling of food.
United Against Waste

Minimizing food waste – together

This commitment includes a campaign week dedicated to draw special attention to the topic, but also a variety of measures taken throughout the year in order to minimize food waste as much as possible: under the slogan "Together nothing left over", Markas continuously analyses the causes of food waste and optimizes purchasing, preparation and portion sizes based on the results.

In this way, Markas ensures the constant monitoring of food waste, targeted planning and an optimal adaptation of food production to demand - and thus makes a valuable contribution to the initiative's common goal of reducing food waste in kitchens by half by 2030!