Brainfood: food for the mind

16.05.2019 - Italia

On the 16th of May Markas Italy officially launched the #Brainfood project. A large number of canteens located throughout Italy took part in this day, particularly in South Tyrol, Lombardy, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Marche and Lazio.

The event is part of a much larger project that offers theme nights and insights and that from May to November 2019 will involve more than 40 both private and public facilities all over the country, aiming to inform the users on the subject of healthy nutrition. 

During this day Markas served a special menu with ingredients that are necessary to stimulate the brain and sustain the mind.
Here are some of our nutritionists’ favorite ingredients: 

-           Fish, because it contains omega 3, a fat acid that is essential for our well being
-           Dried fruit such as nuts, almonds, cashew nuts and hazelnut, that provide fat acids and fibers and that can also be taken everywhere as a tasty snack
-           Leafy green vegetables: source of vitamins, iron and other minerals that work to keep us safe from inflammations and diseases. 
-           Whole grains, that supply us with the fibers necessary to maintain our brain active during the whole day 

Thanks to our special collaboration between our nutrition specialists and the food blogger and TV presenter Stefano Cavada, Markas also created an easy video recipe exclusively prepared with #Brainfood ingredients and available at the following link:

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