Markas Leadership Program: participants receive diploma after 100 hours of training

26.07.2019 - Italia

The part of the Markas Leadership Program dedicated to our employees in charge of the services management ended on Tuesday, July 23rd. The collaborators with the highest degree of responsibility within the production area successfully completed the program, which offered them an opportunity to understand and discuss the uncountable nuances of leadership.

At the end of the last intense day dedicated to collaboration and teamwork, a certificate of completion was handed over to the participants by the CEO Christoph Kasslatter and both Service Managers Marco Zani and Armin Boschetto.
Christoph Kasslatter
Although having been time-consuming and quite demanding along the way, the project generated a great sense of satisfaction among both participants and organizers.

Below you can read the words of Sara Dalprà, Markas' Head of training department, who followed the project very closely:

"I believe that this program was a fundamental step to enable an exchange between the different service managers because this has never happened before in such a systematic manner. The project gave them the opportunity to align their leadership styles and to expand their knowledge by adding sophisticated tools that would help them manage their areas more efficiently. As months passed by, the cohesion of the group of participants became stronger and the individual awareness of having a great potential rose. The aforementioned characteristics will most probably favor the participants’ individual growth as well as the growth of the entire company in the future.”

What exactly is the Markas Leadership Program?

Mario Kasslatter room
The "Markas Leadership Program" is a project that aims to further develop the corporate leadership skills of 113 employees who hold a role of responsibility within the company: Directors, Function Managers and Team Leaders, Services Managers, Key Account Managers and Area Managers.

Leadership management is considered to be a competence belonging to the category of soft skills. These do not include any specific knowledge regarding a certain profession but rather interpersonal abilities, individual to each person. The management of the employees’ talents was one of the main topics of the course, based on the conviction that a good leader must commit to supporting the growth and development of each individual in their team.
For 18 months the participants were involved in training activities that were similar but never exactly the same due to the different requirements of their specific job profiles.

Elena Passoni, who held more than 100 hours of dynamic and training sessions in 73 days, has been an external consultant and management coach for over 20 years.

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