Markas, the family-owned multiservice provider that takes care of your business

Reliability, commitment and fairness. These are the values that have always been vital to Markas and that guide our family business.

With 38 years of experience in the world of services, not to mention over 12,000 employees, Markas is today an international leader in its chosen sector. As a specialized service company, we can offer major public and private institutions – hospitals, nursing homes, universities, schools and hotels – a fully integrated range of services, from cleaning to catering, from hospital logistics and patient assistance to housekeeping services.

Organizational skills, highly qualified personnel and a focus on innovation all make Markas the ideal partner for the performance of your no-core activities.

Our mission is to take care of all aspects of the outsourced service, with the ultimate aim of making it easier for our customers to manage their own business.

Markas in values


Markas MIssion

Our mission

As a family company operating internationally, Markas stands for solid roots, innovative vision and foresight. Our philosophy is based on our founding values, namely reliability, commitment and fairness towards all of our stakeholders. We take care of all the needs of our customers – major public and private institutions – offering a wide range of services integrated into the structure together with high-quality solutions. Customers can thus concentrate on their core activities and optimize costs. We offer our employees a dynamic working environment with excellent development opportunities. We are committed to establishing a relationship of equals with our suppliers, whose high standards of professionalism and innovative proposals we greatly appreciate. Finally, sustainability is a staple of our philosophy: our aim is to make choices that are environmentally, socially and economically.


Visione Markas

Our vision

Markas is a family company operating internationally in the Clean, Housekeeping, Food, Facility and Logistics & Care sectors. We take care of our customers – major public and private institutions – who recognize us as a leading company in our field as regards quality, processes and innovative technologies. As a provider of professional services Markas can count on its highly qualified and motivated personnel and is an attractive employer to work for.

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