Hospital logistics and healthcare assistance

Efficient hospital logistics and patient assistance are vital parts of a healthcare facility. Anyone who works in a hospital environment knows how much time and energy is required to organize the transportation of patients and equipment within a hospital, as well as for providing support and assistance in wards. 

With a strong experience in the hospital industry, we perfectly understand how different types of healthcare facilities operate, the challenges involved as well as the critical role that time plays when it comes to patient and material transport. By delivering a range of specialized services we aim to facilitate the daily work of medical and nursing staff and provide patient assistance in a timely and discreet manner. From waste handling to patient care services and patient transport, Markas guarantees a smooth patient flow and reliable operational support.     

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The advantages of our service

Hospital logistics and patient assistance
Staff dedicated exclusively to patient assistance

Unlike other intrahospital transport service providers, for us attention to people, maximum quality and trust constitute the core of our services and partnerships. Therefore, our personnel is dedicated exclusively to patient assistance. In this way, our staff is ready to offer the necessary support whenever and wherever needed, while respecting the dignity and privacy of every patient.  
Hospital logistics and patient assistance
Innovative, automated system for hospital logistics

Hospital logistics and patient assistance requires the coordination of different departments, teams and individuals.

It also involves the exchange of critical information that is usually challenging to monitor in real time. But thanks to our innovative management systems we can monitor all the incoming requests and provide our clients with real-time updates.

Simultaneously, we can estimate the completion time of every service or task, achieving in this way maximum performance efficiency. 
Hospital logistics and patient assistance
Time saving and greater safety for patients

Thanks to a detailed training plan, our staff has a high sense of responsibility and security.

Our teams respect specific time limits and can deal efficiently with more complex or delicate issues, even the most unpredictable or urgent ones that often arise in accident and emergency departments.

Therefore, a partnership with us equals numerous advantages in terms of time efficiency and resource optimization, allowing medical and nursing staff to dedicate themselves entirely to patients' treatment.