Medical facility cleaning and services for hospitals and clinics

Offering patients and staff in healthcare facilities services that guarantee maximum standards of hygiene can make a real difference. In hospitals, just as in out-patient clinics or surgeries, we offer a range of services designed to ensure full compliance with healthcare regulations.

From the sanitization of premises to catering for the social and healthcare sectors, from logistics and patient assistance to the cleaning of aeraulic ducts, our services for public and private healthcare establishments are customized to the needs of our customers and end users.

All with one critical aim in mind: the health of the patient

Our services in hospitals


clean: a cleaning service without compromise

A clean, hygienically safe environment is a prerequisite for any facility, whether it is a patient’s room, an operating room or an office. Each room has its own specific needs and priorities to take care of.
We are well aware of this at Markas, so we offer a professional sanitization service that combines over 30 years of experience with services that are designed and tailored to the customer.


food: the fresh and genuine catering service

Eating well means first and foremost eating healthily: a priority for those who are studying, working or recuperating. We take care of every aspect of catering, providing school meals, catering for the social and healthcare sectors and the management of company dining facilities.
Using fresh and tasty ingredients, we aim to make each meal a moment to savour, offering personalized menus according to different nutritional needs.


facility: a range of services dedicated to maintaining facilities

Ensuring guests and staff experience an environment that guarantees a maximum of health and hygiene is a top priority for any establishment, public or private. It is therefore important to pay attention both to the air quality in closed rooms and to the possible presence of insects or pests.
Our aeraulic duct cleaning services, disinfestation and other complementary services are solutions specifically designed to ensure the highest standards of safety and hygiene.

logistics & care

logistics & care: efficient transport and assistance for patients

Anyone who works in a hospital environment knows how much time and energy is required to organize the transportation of patients and equipment within a hospital, as well as for providing support and assistance on wards:
Such work not only costs healthcare staff precious time, but also requires fast and efficient management.

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