Cleaning and disinfection services without compromise

A clean, hygienically safe environment is a prerequisite for any facility. That's why our cleaning and disinfection services guarantee secure and efficient results for every type of organization whether it is a patient's room, an operating room or an office. 

Each space has its own specific needs. We, at Markas, are well aware of this. We offer professional sanitization solutions that combine 38 years of experience with personalized services. In hospitals, nursing and retirement homes, businesses, hotels and schools we offer cleaning and sanitizing services designed to meet the needs of different facilities.

Our highly qualified teams work to provide students, employees, and patients with the ideal living and working conditions. The result? Safety, ease of management and cost optimization, with the assurance that, when it  comes to hygiene, we never compromise.

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The advantages of our services

cleaning and disinfection services
Reliability of a structured company with on-site supervision

Reliability and service excellence are top priorities for us, especially when it comes to our cleaning and disinfection services. 

With more than 4.000 dedicated cleaning professionals, on-site supervision and several hours of in-depth job training, our highly qualified teams are experienced enough to safely offer the desired service and immediately intervene when required. 
cleaning and disinfection services
Constant monitoring of service quality

Measuring and evaluating our performance is fundamental for offering an impeccable service. With various procedures and tools in place, we ensure traceability and safety. 

Thanks to Markas System, an innovative system that allows us to coordinate, supervise and monitor every cleaning activity, we can constantly track and assess our cleaning services. This allows us to offer top-quality support to our clients.
cleaning and disinfection services
Innovative, certified and eco-sustainable methods, equipment and cleaning products

We believe that innovation starts with us so we never stop looking for forward thinking ideas and innovative solutions. Our state-of-the-art equipment offer maximum safety while our automatic and controlled dosing systems can significantly reduce water consumption during the cleaning process. Where possible, we use certified eco-friendly products and supplies that ensure minimal impact on the environment without compromising on quality.

With more than 20 certifications, including certified bio-contamination control systems and HACCP certification among others, our cleaning teams have the necessary skills to offer professional services to a range of different sectors, from sanitary to food processing facilities.