Our professional cleaning and sanitizing services

Our professional cleaning and sanitizing services are always tailored to each type of structure, no matter if it is an office environment, a hospital, a hotel, a retirement home, a school or a university.

Therefore, one of our top priorities is evaluating and understanding the specific needs of every customer in order to offer the right type of service.  

Our services

Healthcare facilities

Disinfection services for healthcare facilities

A secure and perfectly clean environment is critical in some cases and above all when it comes to healthcare and patient facilities. Our long-lasting cleaning expertise in really demanding environments such as surgery rooms, hospitals and care centers has enabled us to acquire the right skills and methods to offer efficient disinfection services even under the most complex circumstances. 

That's why Markas' disinfection services are designed to offer regular cleaning followed by specialized techniques that eliminate, reduce or restrain microorganisms that can be harmful for the health. In this way, we not only achieve maximum results but also time optimization.

Food processing facilities

Sanitizing services for food processing facilities

Handling and preparing on average 120,000 meals per day and managing a large-scale sous-vide facility ourselves has given us an insightful perspective on the dynamics of the food and beverages industry. Thanks to our HACCP method we have a deep knowledge of the food safety legal regulations, while the sanitization methods used for surfaces in direct contact with food are constantly controlled and validated by independent and certified laboratories. 

Furthermore, with more than 38 years' experience of professional cleaning in the healthcare sector, we perfectly understand the needs of environments that require quality control and extremely high hygiene standards. 

Bringing together these hygiene techniques and the collective catering know-how, Markas' professional cleaning and sanitizing services are specially designed for food preparation centers and commercial kitchens ensuring maximum consumer safety. 

Pharmaceutical facilities

Sanitizing services for pharmaceutical facilities

Cleaning and sanitizing pharmaceutical facilities and surfaces requires precise procedures and the right cleaning equipment and products. Our long expertise in the sanitary and food sectors as well as our certifications ensure efficient cleaning without impurities or contamination.  

Offices and schools

Office and school cleaning

A clean workspace or educational environment is fundamental for a balanced lifestyle. We, at Markas, aim to offer a healthier and welcoming environment to students, staff and employees. Through a range of different tasks and procedures such as surface dusting, waste removal, canteen and kitchen cleaning among others, our services contribute to creating a safe space that can positively impact productivity levels.

Disinfection with hydrogen peroxide

Disinfection with hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide when used in a professional manner is particularly effective for disinfecting indoor and outdoor areas. Thanks to its powerful disinfectant effect, it is excellent for hotel ambiences or other high-traffic spaces such as offices and schools among others.

Our cleaning staff is trained in order to achieve maximum levels of cleanness without damaging surfaces or textiles. 



The disinfestation methodologies used by our specialized personnel foresee an evaluation and analysis of the situation and then the use of selected products in the right quantities.

We constantly monitor the building or premises so that our teams can provide immediate intervention at the first sign of pest infestation. This allows us to limit the use of chemical products to what is absolutely necessary without compromising on long-term effectiveness.

Clean certifications

ISO 9001

Quality ISO 9001

Markas has since 1996 designed and implemented a quality management system that meets ISO 9001 standards: the aim is to ensure continuous improvement of company performance according to the “plan-do-check-act” system.

ISO 14001 / EMAS

Environment ISO 14001 and EMAS registration

With the aim of promoting awareness and understanding among our staff towards environmental issues and of continuously improving the company’s approach to the environment, Markas has designed and implemented a dedicated management system that has, since 2005, met ISO 14001 standards and now (since 2017) meets EMAS standards. We are thus committed to identifying the environmental aspects, implementing projects that will reduce the environmental impact of company activities and monitoring compliance and regulatory updates.

ISO 45001

ISO 45001 Safety and health at Work

Staff health and safety is crucial for us. That's why Markas has implemented an occupational health and safety management system that meets ISO 45001 standards, ensuring a safe workplace and reducing health risks.

SA 8000

Corporate social responsibility SA8000

Social responsibility is one of the pillars upon which Markas stands. Operating in an ethical and transparent way towards stakeholders is a priority for the company, which has now obtained certification for its corporate social responsibility in accordance with Social Accountability 8000 standard. SA8000 is an international standard whose aim is to safeguard workers’ rights and achieve an overall improvement in working conditions.

ISO 29990

ISO 29990 learning services

Markas puts great emphasis on advanced education measures for its staff. As of 2017, the learning services of Markas are certified according to ISO 29990.

UNI 14065

Bio-contamination control system UNI 14065

Control over the correct processes for textile washing represents a vital part of the standards of excellence we have achieved. The UNI 14065 bio-contamination control system guarantees zero bio-contamination risks along the entire cleaning chain.
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CFP Systematic Approach

CFP Systematic Approach

To ensure ever increasing sustainability, Markas is one of the first service companies in Italy to implement a system that allows you to calculate the impact of the cleaning service in terms of CO2 production. Thanks to this system, certified and applicable both during the tendering phase and in the final evaluation, it is possible to develop effective measures to reduce the emissions deriving from the service.

Ecolabel Certification

Ecolabel Certification for Indoor Cleaning Services

Markas has obtained the prestigious Ecolabel certification for indoor cleaning services, in accordance with EU Commission's Decision 680/2018. The service guarantees low environmental impact and maximum efficiency. The use of products with specific environmental certification (Ecolabel or equivalent), equipment with reduced energy impact and thorough staff training serve as the foundation of Markas' certified service.