Markas' Eco Clean service

Through the creation of our Eco Clean service, an environmentally friendly cleaning solution, Markas has been given the EU Ecolabel registration for indoor cleaning services. Our EU Ecolabel certified service can be carried out in commercial buildings (e.g. offices, hotels), institutional buildings (e.g. schools, universities, public administration) and public areas of healthcare institutions and hospitals (low-risk areas such as corridors, waiting rooms and rest rooms).

Markas' Eco Clean service focuses on the environmental impact and it is characterized by its high quality standards. In particular, the service comprises the use of EU Ecolabel chemical products (detergents and cleansers), EU Ecolabel cleaning accessories and supplies, energy-efficient washing machines, waste management programs, as well as low-emission vehicles and bicycles for our staff. It is also distinguished for raising environmental awareness by providing the right training.

EU Ecolabel products and services

EU Ecolabel: What is it?
The EU Ecolabel is European Union's label for products and services that meet high performance standards and that, at the same time, are characterized by a reduced environmental impact throughout their life cycle.
EU Ecolabel was established in 1992 by an EU Regulation (EEC 880/92) and is now governed by Regulation (EC) no. 66/2010 across 28 countries of the European Union as well as European Economic Area (EEA) countries (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein).
It is, therefore, a voluntary ecolabel scheme subject to external certification by an independent third party organization. The certification is based on scientific criteria taking into account the environmental impact of products or services throughout their life cycle: from the extraction of raw materials, to production, distribution and disposal.

EU Ecolabel for indoor cleaning services
The EU Ecolabel criteria for "Indoor Cleaning Services" were first established by the European Commission's Decision (EU) 2018/680 of 20  May 2018, in order to address the environmental impact associated with cleaning services.
By addressing the most critical points of cleaning processes, the new EU Ecolabel criteria for indoor cleaning services have been helping companies take concrete actions towards a more "sustainable" cleaning approach.
Thanks to EU Ecolabel, from now on, certified companies can easily demonstrate their environmental practices' efficiency during Green Public Procurement (GPP), and will have the opportunity to meet award criteria based on MEC for cleaning and sanitizing services. 
In addition, EU Ecolabel is a proof of companies' commitment to the well-being and safety of their employees by minimizing their exposure to toxic substances. 
Also, the new criteria prioritize the use of cleaning products certified with ISO I (14024) standards such as EU Ecolabel, Nordic Swan and Blue Angel.

Certification process
a) Compliance with 7 mandatory criteria:
1. Use of at least 50% of Ecolabel or EN ISO 14024 labelled products
2. Cleaning products dosing systems
3. Use of at least 50% of textile cleaning accessories made of microfiber
4. Staff training 
5. Environmental policy management (possession of ISO 14001 or EMAS certification)
6. Solid waste sorting at the operator's premises
7. Correct use of the EU Ecolabel logo and label
(b) 11 optional criteria
1. Increased use of cleaning products with low environmental impact 
2. Use of concentrated undiluted cleaning products 
3. Increased use of microfiber products 
4. Use of cleaning accessories with low environmental impact 
5. EMAS registration or ISO 14001 certification 
6. Solid waste management at cleaning sites 
7. Service quality 
8. Fleet of company vehicles owned or leased by the applicant 
9. Efficiency of washing machines owned or leased by the applicant 
10. Services and other products that have been given the EU Ecolabel 
11. Consumable goods and hand dryers provided to clients