Markas: it all started with a cleaning service contract

From the very beginning Markas has operated in the world of services as a family-owned company, synonymous with sustainable growth and attention to people.

Today this spirit is being carried forward by the second generation of the Kasslatter family and the Group’s employees, over 12,000 in total. In over 38 years of business we have grown from a few dozen employees into a leading international company in our sector. Along the way we have always believed in the importance of making choices that will guarantee the soundness and future of our company.

Our many long-term investments are tangible proof of the desire of Markas to continue to grow, gradually and sustainably, with respect for ourselves as a family business and with the foresight that has always distinguished us.

Markas in milestones


Over 38 years of history

It all started with the entrepreneurial dream of Mario Kasslatter, a man who turned self-determination into a way of life. Born in a small village in Val Gardena as the nineteenth of twenty children, at just eighteen years of age he moved to Austria to begin a course in mechanical engineering. Having successfully completed his studies, his tenacity and desire to get involved led him to take on various managerial roles, both abroad and in Italy. These in turn drove him further towards realizing his dream: that of starting his own business.
Thus in 1985 Mario and his wife, Haidrun Achammer-Kasslatter, founded the Markas company in Bolzano. Mario immediately imparted to the company the vision that would guarantee its success in the years to come: “In the long run, only quality counts.” Success was not long in coming and for over 38 years has formed part of the company’s story. In 2011 Mario and his wife, Haidrun, today Group President, handed over control to their sons Florian and Christoph, together with the latter’s wife, Evelyn. In 2022 the corporate governance changed hands and Christoph and Evelyn have been entrusted with the leadership of the company. Mario Kasslatter passed away on 24 August 2013: we continue on our path to growth each day guided by the values that Mario has left us, namely reliability, commitment and fairness. Because the more we grow, the more important it is not to forget what permitted us to grow in the first place.

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