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Corporate Roles


sales department

The Sales Department ensures that sales, profitability and growth targets are met, identifying business opportunities and constantly improving client relations. It also oversees viability assessment processes, budgeting, proposal development, and participation in tenders. In addition, it include all marketing activities including  communication, corporate identity, and events.


quality and control

quality and control department

The Quality and Control Department ensures that our services meet the right quality standards. This includes different work fields such health and safety, food safety, sustainability, control systems, and compliance. Our high quality standards are maintained through tested and approved procedures, including self-monitoring systems, and internal or external control processes by specialists and certifying bodies.


administration, finance, and control

administration, finance, and control department

The Administration, Finance, and Control Department is responsible for managing all administrative, accounting, financial, and control operations of Markas. It monitors the economic situation and financial performance in order to foster the continuous development of the organization.


human resources

human resources department

The Human Resources Department is responsible for staff management policies through personnel administration and budgeting, industrial relations, talent acquisition, and training. Our people-centred approach is the basis for the growth of the entire organisation's workforce driven by the belief that employee satisfaction is the key in ensuring the quality of our service.


information systems, organization, and innovation

information systems, organization, and innovation department

The Information Systems, Organization, and Innovation Department provides its expertise by identifying and analysing the company's IT needs and by proposing solutions for optimizing and continuously improving the IT infrastructure of the organization.


purchasing and maintenance

purchasing and maintenance department

The Purchasing and Maintenance Department is responsible for procuring the goods and services necessary for Markas' daily work, property or operational maintenance and management, as well as any design and construction projects carried out by our technical team. Market research, negotiations and supplier evaluation and selection are also part of the core activities of the procurement team.


Operational Roles


professional cleaning and sanitizing services

Our professional cleaning and sanitizing services are tailored to the needs of our clients such as hospitals, nursing homes, offices, or educational institutions such as schools or universities. Our cleaning sanitizing, and maintenance teams are trained to guarantee quality services through cutting-edge methods and equipment.



collective catering services

Our collective catering services are offered in hospital canteens, nursing homes, schools, universities, and companies. Our specialised staff consists of cooks, assistant cooks, dieticians, canteen workers and auxiliary food service employees. Every day , thanks to careful ingredient selection, process controls, and modern cooking methods, they prepare customized menus according to different dietary requirements.


hotel services

Our hotel services are tailored and meet the needs of each hotel or any other tourist accommodation facility. Our housekeeping team, which consists of housekeepers, floor staff, and porters, strives to ensure cleanliness and order through professional solutions designed for each client.



hospital transport and auxiliary services

Our hospital and healthcare logistics and patient care services are provided by inpatient transport attendants and healthcare assistants (HCA), who, with the help of innovative, automated systems, ensure the smooth flow of patients and reliable operational support on a daily basis. 


facility maintenance services

Our facility services include cleaning of aeraulic ducts, disinfestation and pest control, as well as maintenance of green spaces. These are carried out with the aim of achieving the highest standards of safety and hygiene. Our pest controllers meticulously apply every measure, ensuring lasting and sustainable results for both, people and the environment.

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