Innovation starts with us

Innovation is a staple of our philosophy, a principle that we apply to all areas of our activity.

It is a way of everyday thinking and acting that forms part of the DNA of our staff, who constantly strive to find the best solutions to the increasingly complex needs of our customers.

Innovation will also be increasingly present in our services thanks to the introduction of a team dedicated to seizing the opportunities offered by new technologies, thus allowing us to remain one step ahead.

Innovation in Numbers


The Markas ready meals plant at Vigasio

In 2017 we opened our first ready meals plant in Vigasio in the province of Verona. The new Markas cooking centre, one of the most modern in Italy as regards innovation and technology, specializes in the production of foods with an innovative vacuum technique. This cooking method is used by the great award-winning chefs – and now by Markas for mass catering. This represents the cutting edge for our company: at full capacity the plant can produce over forty thousand tasty, healthy meals a day.

Markas Innovation Day 2018

Markas Innovation Day, held in Bolzano on 14 December 2018, was a day for sharing the numerous innovations and projects that will guide our family business towards the future. Entitled “Innovation starts with us”, the event aims to underline that innovation is created by people and represents a new approach to our daily work. We start with the little things, always paying close attention in order to develop our motivation and the ability to dream, stimulating discussion and lively debate.

Highlights of the day