Technology at the service of our clients

As AI, IoT and robotics continue to integrate into the service industry offering more and more possibilities, what can be challenging for clients and stakeholders is assessing and identifying the right tools and systems for their business. 

At Markas, thanks to our strong experience and through continuous market research, data analysis, cross-functional collaboration and testing, we always aim at pushing boundaries, identifying new technologies and applying innovative processes that make sense for our clients' business. 

Our objective? Increase safety and sustainability for our communities, generate additional value for our clients and help them build strong foundations for facing the challenges of the future.
Technology at the service of our clients - AI

Innovative methodologies and processes

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), Markas has introduced a series of systems that focus on providing safer and high-quality solutions to our clients such as SmartLogistics and Smartgate among others. 

SmartLogistics, is a system based on AI that ensures punctual and efficient intrahospital patient transport allowing operators to choose the fastest route and transfer patients safely between wards. 

Smartgate, a portal designed to optimize communication flows and time efficiency, offers real-time task tracking and monitors cleaning operations.
Technology at the service of our clients - buttons

Innovation for more sustainable services

For us, innovation also means improved ways of doing things, creating at the same time a positive environmental and social impact.  

Through food research work groups, as well as other initiatives based on open innovation , we aim at reducing food waste and addressing global issues such as food loss and malnutrition. During the last years, Markas has been working together with NOI Tech Park  and Entrepreneurship and Innovation student groups  from The Free University of Bozen/Bolzano  in order to identify possible innovative solutions for the collective catering industry in order to fight food waste. 

To ensure more sustainable cleaning services, thanks to innovative systems, Markas has been the first service company in Italy to implement a system that allows you to calculate the impact of the cleaning service in terms of CO2 production. Thanks to this system, certified and applicable both during the tendering phase and in the final evaluation, it is possible to develop effective measures to reduce the emissions deriving from the service. 
Technology at the service of our clients - robot and human

Thinking ahead in order to future-proof our clients' business

In an era where everything has been transformative, service robotics play and will continue to play a key role in the successful management of operations and businesses. Thanks to AI and 5G technology, service robots are increasingly involved in the food and hospitality industry. Traditional service operations as we know them are expected to change and new ways of interaction between restaurants and consumers will be introduced. At the same time, when it comes to the Global Cleaning Robot Market, its size is expected to reach $24 billion by 2026, with growth of 22. 9% CAGR .

At Markas, we continue to explore potential opportunities and we constantly evaluate the impact that robotics can have on commercial, industrial and healthcare cleaning, catering, logistics and facility management in order to help our clients future-proof their business. In the past months we have examined and tested various types of robotics solutions to assess the potential benefits of this technology with the ultimate goal to determine which areas of the organization would benefit from robotic automation and how this could be effectively integrated in our operations.