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Open innovation: it all starts with people

21.12.2022 - Italy

The world of collective catering, from school canteens to hospital and company canteens, has undergone numerous changes in recent years, which have drastically changed the needs of facilities and consumers. 

Above all, the latter have become more aware of the relationship between well-being and nutrition, opting for solutions that combine quality, sustainability and the right pricing in relation to cost increases. 

For all these reasons and in order to continue to respond effectively to customers' as well as consumers' new needs Markas has chosen to embrace the concept of 'open innovation'. 
Open Innovation -  Students & Company Sprint
What does open innovation mean and how is Markas embracing it?

'Open innovation' is an approach according to which collaboration with external stakeholders is essential to drive improvements and qualitative changes within a company or the business itself. Specifically for Markas, 'open innovation' translates into making employees the real protagonists of corporate change and developing a constant dialogue with various external players such as universities, schools, agencies, partners and research institutes. That's why a cross-functional team has been created; to pursue exactly that. 

With regard to collective catering, Markas has developed several projects promoting this approach. A good example is undoubtedly 'Markas Idea Days'. In the framework of this initiative, Markas' dieticians, chefs, area managers and designers presented new ideas for product and service innovation. Another example is definitely 'Students & Company Sprint ', an event organized by NOI Techpark  in collaboration with the Free University of Bozen/Bolzano  in which Markas took part to discuss directly with students the university canteen of the future.
Open innovation - building healthy habits

Objectives and future projects

As a business operating in the collective catering sector, Markas aims at developing initiatives that guarantee a sustainable and healthy future for everyone. 

This goal can be achieved through two fundamentally important pillars: the constant cultivation of a high-quality food culture, both inside and outside the company, and the continuous development of a better, more health-conscious service as well as a more sustainable offer from both an economic and environmental point of view. 

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