Professional services and commercial cleaning for the hotel industry

Never underestimate the importance of cleanliness for a hotel room: a tidy room is an essential foundation upon which to create a service oriented towards the needs of the guest, for whom the comfort and cleanliness of the room both represent a fundamental factor in resting and relaxation.

To ensure that each guest enjoys a problem-free stay, we design bespoke procedures together with the hotel management that can meet the requirements of each individual residential establishment. We guarantee high quality standards that meet current hygiene standards, thus ensuring a safe, pleasant environment both for guests and the service team.

In this way we also maintain the good reputation of our clients.

Our services in hotels


housekeeping: the hotel cleaning service that takes care of every detail

Clean and tidy rooms are the mark of a quality hotel, and among the first things that guests consider when choosing a place to stay. A professional floor service will therefore decisively contribute to improving the customer experience.
The Markas housekeeping service draws on this experience and aims to leave no detail to chance.


facility: a range of services dedicated to maintaining facilities

Ensuring guests and staff experience an environment that guarantees a maximum of health and hygiene is a top priority for any establishment, public or private. It is therefore important to pay attention both to the air quality in closed rooms and to the possible presence of insects or pests.
Our aeraulic duct cleaning services, disinfestation and other complementary services are solutions specifically designed to ensure the highest standards of safety and hygiene.

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