How to make the perfect bed like a 5-star hotel

How to make the perfect bed like a 5-star hotel

A nicely done bed not only does help your bedroom look more tidy and in order, but it also prepares the setting for a cozy and relaxing night. And let's be honest there is nothing like a good night's sleep!

But have you ever wondered how to make your bed like a hotel?  Wonder no more: we asked our housekeeping experts to share some of their secrets in order to recreate the luxury of a hotel bedroom at home and make our bed look and feel like a five star hotel bed. Here is what they said!
How to make your bed like a hotel - pillows and beddings


To start with, choose the bed sheets you would like to use. Prefer natural fabrics such as cotton or linen.Fitted sheets might look easier to deal with but, surprisingly enough, flat sheets are more commonly used when it comes to hotel beds! 

So, lay a flat sheet evenly across the mattress. Tuck it in at the foot and head of the bed leaving the sides hanging. Make sure you stretch and pull the sheets as tight as you can to avoid creases.
Now let's focus on the corners of the sheet. Grab the draping sheet from the side(left or right side of the bed) and lift it about 30 or 40 cm. While lifting, tuck the excess fabric underneath the mattress and make the corner as smooth as possible.

Then fold the part of the sheet you are lifting and tuck it in forming a 45-degree angle - a bit like a gift wrap! Make sure it looks neat and tidy. Repeat the same on the opposite side of the bed. 
Then lay the top sheet and follow the same process at the foot of the bed making sure there are no wrinkles or creases.  
How to make your bed like a hotel - instructions

Next step? Place the duvet into a duvet cover and place it evenly on the bed leaving the upper part empty. Now, fold the upper part of the sheet over the duvet cover and smooth it out. 
If you prefer a tighter feeling while sleeping, tuck the edges of the duvet cover underneath the mattress following the exact same process as you did with the sheets. 

Place your pillows into a pillow case and place them at the head of the bed. You can use 2, 3, 4 or 5 pillows depending on your personal taste. To add an extra touch, you can use the famous method of 'karate-chopping'. In other words: Hold the pillow and fluff it up. Then place the pillow at the head of the bed and with a firm hand give the top of it a 'karate-chop'. 

And...voilà! Your bed is ready! Now all you need to do is enjoy it!