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Markas' interns: life through the lens of the young

They are young and they want to make a difference in their communities. They are some of Markas' interns; Miriam, 18, HR, Selection & Training intern and student at 'Liceo delle Scienze Umane R. Gasteiner'; Denise 22, and Katarina 23, both interns within Markas' Dietetics and Food Production department and students at 'Scuola Superiore di Sanità Claudiana' in Bolzano. 

Through their words and their perspective on life, they remind us that eventually it's the young people that have the power to change the world.

Tell us a few things about you.

Miriam: I am very curious and really interested in social studies and human behaviors. I have been doing summer internships since a very young age as I've always wanted to keep learning new things and collect experiences. Doing an internship at Markas gives me a totally different perspective as it is a company that operates in different countries and offers a wide range of services. 

Denise: I am a very energetic person who loves sports. I am 'addicted' to swimming which has been a big part of my life from a very early age. For me food means life and energy. Without food we cannot really survive or do sports. It also means culture as food is usually one of the key factors that define someone's cultural identity. But food is also an act of love. Cooking or food offering shows care and affection towards people. So during my internship at Markas I am interested in exploring all these different sides of food and nutrition and see how a leading collective catering company operates in diverse environments, from schools and office canteens to hospitals and nursing homes. 

Katarina: As a kid, I was very slim and I've always been told that I am skinny and underweight. Therefore, I am particularly interested in the interplay between food patterns and biology. Thanks to the experience I am gaining at Markas, I have the chance to better understand the importance of nutrition in health and disease prevention. I get to see how fundamental food education is, how different structures operate and what the nutritional needs of different groups of people are.
life through the lens of the young - Interns at Markas
Why did you follow this career path?

Miriam: Unemployment can have a negative impact on the individual but also on our communities and economies. Talent selection and recruiting professionals can really make a difference by 'unlocking' talent and by being open to individuals from different socio-economic backgrounds. That's why I chose this path. Candidate interviews are extremely interesting. Asking the right questions can really help you understand who you have in front of you and if they are the right people for the right job. We are all different, and companies should embrace this diversity. 
Also, today, many young people face difficulties when it comes to finding the right job. Many companies expect young candidates to have both, qualifications and significant work experience, which, in certain cases, is impossible. So recruiters and businesses need to be more flexible and open to providing young people with the opportunity to gain some really valuable work experience even if it is for a short period of time. Unfortunately not all companies are as open-minded like Markas when it comes to this. I do hope that this will change in the future and more and more companies will support younger generations. 

Denise: From an early age I was taught that eating healthy can affect your mental, social and physical well-being. And this is exactly what I would like to achieve through my work: help people have a healthier lifestyle through their food choices, especially when it comes to sports and nutrition.

Katarina: Although I never had an eating disorder, because of my skinny appearance, nutrition has always been a big topic at home without me realizing what I was doing wrong. And this is where my passion for nutrition and dietetics derives from. Promoting healthy eating patterns among kids and teaching them what sustainable and balanced diet means can have a huge impact on their future. Also creating the right menu for hospitals is extremely rewarding for me because in this way I can make a difference in the life of hundreds of patients and potentially support their treatment through their diet.
life through the lens of the young  - interns speaking
Share one important thing that you know now and that you didn't know before starting your work experience at Markas.

Miriam: I hadn't realized how important or big an HR department can be within a business. At Markas, there is an entire team of people who are dedicated to recruitment, training and development. 

Denise: Markas has more than 10.000 employees who operate in totally different environments. So, one thing I learned is being flexible and open to new environments, new opportunities and new people, in other words being open-minded.

Katarina: I didn't really know -and I don't think that the average person realizes it either- how much effort and collaborative work there is behind the creation of a balanced menu. Working with Markas' dietitians taught me that even the most simple things in a menu need a lot of thought to ensure safe and healthy meals.

Is there an advice, which you have been given at some point in your life that changed you and that you would like to share with other young people out there? 

Miriam: My mum is a painter, so creativity has always played a key role in my life. She taught me that creativity is the magic ingredient in our life. Sometimes, daily life can become monotonous and it's up to us to bring a bit of creativity in it and make it a bit more 'spicy'. 

Denise: My parents gave me a very useful advice, which I always recall in everything I do: never let go. In other words, keep chasing your goals. It might take a lot of effort, determination and self-discipline but in the end your dreams will come true! 

Katarina: I recall my Latin teacher telling me that I can achieve many great things, that I have great potential but I don't give my 100%. This phrase shook me and since then I say to myself: 'whatever you do, give it 100%'.