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Naturally dyed rustic-looking Easter eggs? This is how!

This Easter you can create your own naturally dyed rustic-looking eggs. How? Simply reuse, reduce, recycle! What will you need? Eggs, a pot, a pair of old nylon stockings or socks, onion skins, thread, as well as leaves or herbs for making the decorative patterns. 

Before starting the process, bring the eggs to room temperature. This might prevent them from cracking while boiling. 

Choose beautiful leaves or herbs such as parsley, dill, or chervil for your decorations. Selecting softer and more delicate leaves and herbs will help creating smoother designs and patterns. 

Place the onion skins into the a pot and add water. Bring to boil. From time to time press down the onion skins in order to help them release more color. Boil for 20 minutes. Remove from heat and let aside for a bit. 
Naturally dyed rustic-looking Easter eggs

In the meantime, cut the stockings or socks into smaller pieces (big enough to wrap an egg). Place your herbs around the eggs and wrap them with a piece of sock that you have already cut. Tie them tightly using the thread.   

Then, bring the water and the onion skins to boil once again. Submerge the eggs in the boiling water. Boil them for about 10 to 20 mins minutes. The longer you leave them in the pot, the stronger the color will become! Finally, remove them and let them dry. Once dry, unwrap them! Your naturally dyed rustic-looking Easter eggs are ready!

If you want to experiment with more colors, you can do so, in a natural and sustainable way by using different ingredients instead of onion skins!

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