Our collective catering services

Thanks to our long experience in the collective catering industry, we perfectly understand the different nutritional needs of diverse groups of people, the requirements of each facility, public or private, and we manage efficiently food preparation centers and meal delivery.

Our personalized services and menus are designed to ensure that everyone can enjoy a safe, delicious and healthy meal, no matter the location, the dietary needs and allergies or the quantity of meals required. 


Collective catering for hospitals

Collective catering for hospitals

A safe meal that meets all the necessary alimentary requirements is a key part of the patient care and recovery. That's why our food specialists not only pay particular attention to the ingredients used but they also work closely with each healthcare institution to make sure that all key factors are taken into account before creating a meal plan. 

Collective catering for nursing homes

Collective catering for nursing homes

Offering high quality balanced catering services to the elderly or individuals who need special care is vital and plays an integral role in their well-being. At the same time, providing them with attractive and tasty dishes is equally important as it can contribute to making mealtime a pleasant social activity. At Markas, we fully recognize the importance of this. Therefore, we carefully study the needs of each nursing home and we develop not only long-term meal plans but also special occasion or themed menus that guarantee a pleasant dining experience for each resident.

Collective catering for schools and universities

Collective catering for schools and universities

As a professional catering company, we don't leave anything to chance, especially when it comes to school meals and canteen lunches. Every day hundreds of healthy school meals are prepared and served with passion and care to students across the entire country, always respecting nutritional requirements, allergies and safety standards. From kindergarten to high schools and university canteens, through the selection of our dishes but also thanks to special food education programs we aim at inspiring youngsters to acquire a conscious consumption mindset and, therefore, follow a healthier lifestyle. 

Management of company canteens

Management of company canteens

Nowadays, the average person will spend approximately 90.000 hours of their lifetime at work. That's why quality of work life is vital not only for employees but also for employers. A well-managed company canteen that offers healthy meals can improve staff productivity and happiness but can also help companies attract and retain top talents. Our team of truly passionate chefs and cooking staff, using Markas' state-of-the-art equipment and cooking techniques, are always ready to deliver excellent collective catering solutions to small businesses or larger corporations.  

Food certifications

ISO 9001

Quality ISO 9001

Markas has since 1996 designed and implemented a quality management system that meets ISO 9001 standards: the aim is to ensure continuous improvement of company performance according to the “plan-do-check-act” system.

ISO 14001 / EMAS

Environment ISO 14001 and EMAS registration

With the aim of promoting awareness and understanding among our staff towards environmental issues and of continuously improving the company’s approach to the environment, Markas has designed and implemented a dedicated management system that has, since 2005, met ISO 14001 standards and now (since 2017) meets EMAS standards. We are thus committed to identifying the environmental aspects, implementing projects that will reduce the environmental impact of company activities and monitoring compliance and regulatory updates.

ISO 45001

ISO 45001 Safety and health at Work

Staff health and safety is crucial for us. That's why Markas has implemented an occupational health and safety management system that meets ISO 45001 standards, ensuring a safe workplace and reducing health risks.

SA 8000

Corporate social responsibility SA8000

Social responsibility is one of the pillars upon which Markas stands. Operating in an ethical and transparent way towards stakeholders is a priority for the company, which has now obtained certification for its corporate social responsibility in accordance with Social Accountability 8000 standard. SA8000 is an international standard whose aim is to safeguard workers’ rights and achieve an overall improvement in working conditions.

ISO 29990

ISO 29990 learning services

Markas puts great emphasis on advanced education measures for its staff. As of 2017, the learning services of Markas are certified according to ISO 29990.

ISO 22000

Food safety management ISO 22000

The ISO 22000 food safety management system allows Markas to guarantee control over food safety and the quality of its operational and production processes.

ISO 22005

Food chain traceability ISO 22005

The Markas food chain traceability system is certified to ISO 22005 standard and allows the history of each product to be documented, keeping track of the territorial origin of each foodstuff used in the production of meals.


GMP - HACCP Good Manufacturing Practices in Food Production Chains

The new GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) system, adopted by Markas in terms of food safety, offers the opportunity to extend the risk analysis, defined by the 'Codex Alimentarius', to every type of production facility, providing a single unified global approach.

This, by establishing the necessary operating conditions and requirements, guarantees hygiene throughout the food chain to protect the consumer.

UNI 11584

Menu design UNI 11584

The entire process of menu design follows standards of excellence certified according to UNI 11854 in respect of the health, environment and seasonality of products, the needs of a multicultural society and the principles of food safety. The standard aims to promote a balanced lifestyle based upon the principles of the Mediterranean diet, and is inspired by the principles of sustainable development, energy saving, reduction of food waste and protection of consumer interests.

REG CE 834/07

Organic production REG CE 834/07

Markas pays particular attention to the processes involved in the preparing and serving of organic meals. In 2018 our long list of certifications was augmented by the organic product certificate for activities that are comply with EC Reg. 834/07.


Certificate of conformity for gluten-free catering

The Markas gluten-free catering service has successfully passed strict protocols and inspections for all stages of gluten-free recipe preparation, starting with the procurement of raw materials.

Special diets

Certificate for special diets

In order to prepare special menus for persons with specific dietary needs (those allergic to or intolerant of particular foods), Markas has obtained certification for special diets so as to guarantee the safety of our preparations.

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