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The ultimate household cleaning kit: all you will need!

Creating your own household cleaning kit is essential in order to clean efficiently while saving time and money. Let's see what you will need!
Cleaning agents
They are essential for degreasing, dusting, disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces, washable walls and floors. However, selecting the right product depends on the type of material or space you will need to clean.
Generally speaking, you will need:
- a cleaning product for delicate surfaces in order to clean your furniture
- a cleaning product for sanitaryware with anti-limescale action
- a cleaning product for floors and washable surfaces such as tiles. Before using it on your parquet floor, make sure it is also suitable for wooden flooring
- a cleaning product for glass surfaces

Do you want to make your home cleaning safer? Avoid traditional cleaners that include bleach. Instead, use detergents or disinfectants that allow you to disinfect your home surfaces in a single step and in a safer way.

For those who love bleach, try limiting its use to sanitaryware, and always be careful when using it as it, as only a few drops can damage surfaces and corrode the colors of bathroom textiles.
household cleaning kit - brushes and sponges
Mops, cloths and sponges
Apart from choosing the right cleaning agent, selecting the right mop or sponge is equally important in order to create the perfect household cleaning kit!
For hygienic reasons, you might want to create a color-coded system to make sure you designate specific mops and sponges to each room of the house. More precisely, you will need:
- four microfiber cloths of different colors (one for the bathroom, one for the kitchen, one for the bedrooms and living room and one for balconies, terraces or other outdoor spaces)
- a toilet sponge to be used in case of stubborn stains;
- a microfiber mop or more depending on the different types of floor (one for ceramics, one for parquet and one for outdoors)
- a window cleaning cloth. Alternatively, you can also clean your windows using newspaper.
Other tools and equipment
The perfect household cleaning kit cannot be complete without the 'great classics' that reach every corner of your home:
- a cobweb duster for removing dust and cobwebs
- a broom and dustpan or vacuum for dry cleaning your floors 
- a mop and bucket with wringer or a steam mop. In fact by steam mopping allows you to avoid chemicals and use very little water compared to traditional mopping  

Now you have all you need to create the ultimate household kit and keep your home clean and tidy. Happy cleaning!