How to spot a clean hotel room: our housekeeping service experts share their tips!

06.01.2023 - Italy - Austria

Having a clean and tidy room not only is the bare minimum that every hotel guest should expect but it is also the secret to making a hotel stay truly unique and unforgettable. That’s why attention to detail is one of our key values when it comes to our housekeeping services.
Now more than ever ensuring a safe and clean hotel environment in a discreet and professional manner is vital. There are several factors that reveal the cleanliness of a hotel room. We asked our housekeeping service specialists to share their secrets.   
Air quality and scents
First impressions really matter. That’s why the first thing that reveals the hygiene of a room is the smell! A scented room doesn’t necessarily mean good indoor air quality. A well cleaned hotel room should have a fresh and clean smell. Excellent housekeeping service means ensuring air quality in every room.
Bed linen and pillowcases
The bed sheets of a hotel room can reveal a lot about the hotel as well as the housekeeping service. Crisp, wrinkle-free bed linens without any creases, marks or hairs is a sign of a tidy and properly cleaned room.  
Dusty corners
Hotel curtains and window frames are some of the most neglected areas during cleaning routines. In a thoroughly cleaned room there shouldn’t be any traces of dust or dirt even in the most hidden spots. When it comes to cleaning, another commonly forgotten zone is the area underneath the bed. Using a white cloth, or switching all the lights on can be really helpful in detecting all the dirty or dusty corners.
TV remote control, one of the most dirty items  
According to our housekeeping service experts, the TV remote control can be one of the dirtiest items in a hotel room. Fingerprints or other marks on the remote control often imply poor attention to details while a sealed remote control might be an indication of excellent housekeeping services.  
A spotless bathroom
Last, but not least, the bathroom cleanliness is a top priority for most hotel guests. According to our experts, shiny taps, sparkling tiles and spotless surfaces without any traces of limescale suggest a properly cleaned bathroom.